Better than Torstein’s top to Bottom Run? – Shredbots R3Boot – Pre-review

October 4th, 2017


Transfer | Louis Macindoe

Two things come to mind when I think of Torstein Horgmo: Electronic Dance Music and The Northstar Top to Bottom Run . When you create something as captivating as the later, it’s hard to not spend your career (and life) living in its shadows. As far as 2009 me is concerned, this is still the greatest piece of snowboarding the internet has ever given us. But a lot has changed in the world of snowboarding since then, and Torstein is one of those riders who hasn’t just risen to the occasion, he been levitating above it for nearly a decade now – putting out parts rife with NBD’s. He’s morphed from a Monster into a Rockstar and his new Shredbots movie ‘R3Boot’ is a testament to that.

Like any good pre-review, I haven’t actually seen the movie but having just been served the trailer from Shredbots filmer Tom Hannam, I figured I’d drop my 2c on it regardless. Firstly, as far as pixels per inch goes Shredbots have always given us bang for buck and rivalled the Brainfarm titles and are among the highest definition snowboarding exploits. Trying to watch anything in 4K in Australia, is reminiscent of downloading a single song on Limewire back in 2003. It’s not gonna happen without some serious buffering. I don’t have weeks and months to wait for R3Boot, so I’ll limit my review to 480p, which means I’m placing all the Shredbot eggs in the basket labeled with ‘this better have really good snowboarding in it or else’.

The opener to the trailer confused me, was it a make or is it a burner? Then came the music. Anxiety-inducing, you guessed it … electronica. Don’t fix what’s not broke, Torstein keeps it true to the legacy. Then came the brunt force of progression. Colossal booters, with pint-sized men doing gyros gripped with unconventional grabs. Then came the street component, equally as impressive – big spots. Anto Chamberlain want’s Brisse’s crown, then some. But Anto is tech too. The song goes “Give it all you got, got for me” – my judgemental side is being eroded and I’m giving in.

There’s no doubt, Shredbots do progression well. This kind of snowboarding is their bread and butter, and that’s really what it takes to be a professional snowboarder these days. But when it all boils down to it, the question I ask my self is … will this triumph the original Top to Bottom run I adored so much? I want to say “yes”, but 10 years from now I don’t know if R3Boot will evoke that kind of nostalgia, rather it will serve as a snap-shot of what snowboarding’s elite were doing in 2017 – which I’m sure will be eclipsed by another Shredbots production 12 months from now. R3Boot will be worth the bandwidth it takes to watch it, and you’re guaranteed to see some amazing feats of mankind and that’s the formula Shredbots has always done well and continues to push.

Final Verdict

R3Boot is best consumed by the aspiring snowboarder, not the washed-up, has-been. It’s best left for those who thrust at the thought of being called an athlete and left alone by those who are enraged at snowboarding’s ongoing progression. I’m giving this a 7/10 partially because I’m not willing to let go of the past. Long live Top to Bottom Northstar .

Watch the Trailer Here

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