Brainfarm and Travis Rice Release “Snowboarding The Fourth Phase” – News

February 18th, 2016

No doubt when the film is debuted we’ll be seeing plenty of mind blowing footage of Travis himself. Image:: Red Bull

Mountainwatch | News

With so much hype building around the upcoming release of Art of Flight sequel, The Fourth Phase, Travis Rice and his crew at Brainfarm decided to throw us all a complete curveball by releasing their brand new game, “Snowboarding: The Fourth Phase”. We’re not huge gamers here at Mountainwatch, but like most snowboarders/anyone-who-has-ever-seen-the-previous-movies, we’re super keen to see what this novel release can offer.

Here’s the official rundown: “In “Snowboarding The Fourth Phase”, the player takes on the role of a former pro snowboarder who is rediscovered by The Fourth Phase film crew. The player is invited to ride along with the crew while earning a chance to film a new scene for The Fourth Phase – all he or she needs to do is impress the film’s producers with smooth riding and progressive tricks. The mobile gamer collects points to unlock new gear and locations by completing objectives that progressively increase in difficulty.”

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Game trailer for Snowboarding The Fourth Phase: