Go Seek Queenstown Premiere Goes Off

June 13th, 2011

The world premiere of Go Seek, the new down under snowboard flick from Transfer and Reason Films, went down at Revolver Bar in Queenstown on Friday night. There was a great turnout, as the kiwi shred community came together to enjoy the home grown movie and celebrate the start of the 2011 season.

The crowds began to drift in from 7.30pm, eagerly anticipating down under’s latest snowboard release. According to the videographer, Ben Ryan, “there were loads of people at the bar getting rowdy, I was stoked on the turnout!” At about a quarter past ten, he fired up the projector to play the feature.

The two kiwi stars of the film, Nick Hyne and Nick Brown, stood amongst the crowd to watch the film for the first time. During the movie, Hyna recalls “a few hoots and hollers for sure!” He continued, “it was a real fun night. It’s always great to get the crew together at the start of the season, and to see local talent.” When asked what riding stood out, “Jye’s rail stuff. He really stepped that up this year.”

Ben Ryan nobly says, when asked how the film was received, “I’m not really the guy you should ask about that. There was a lot of expectation, and being so involved in the project, I’m probably over critical, just because so much of my life has gone into the project over the past year.” Nick Hyne was much less ambiguous, “Mate, it went down really well, it was epic!”

The crew hung out till late, catching up and sharing stories about the summer just past. The room was filled with excitement and anticipation for the upcoming season. “The bar stayed packed until well after the film ended,” Ben Ryan remembers, before adding slyly, “some crew stayed real late.”

The Jindabyne premiere is this Wednesday night, 15 June, at 8pm at the Jindabyne cinema, followed by the after party at Clancy’s Bar in the Banjo Patterson Hotel from 9.30pm. It promises to be an equally awesome night, as the Aussie crew gets their turn to catch up at the start of winter, and enjoy the latest home grown snowboard movie. On the night, just $10 will get you the new Transfer mag, Issue #7, plus entry to the premiere, plus entry to the after party.

The Queenstown snowboard community packed into Revolver Bar for the much awaited preview.

Anticipation was at an all time high when the DVD title screen came up.

The crowd glued to the screen for the world premiere of Go Seek.

Go Seek star, Nick Hyne, and friends enjoying the premiere.

The man behind it all, Ben ‘Bugs’ Ryan. Ben captured most of the Go Seek footage and was responsible for the mammoth task of editing the film. Once you see Go Seek, you’ll realise he is one talented character!

Space cadet and a couple of girls enjoying the party.