GO SEEK Sydney Premiere Party & Photos

July 1st, 2011

Transfer Snowboard Magazine | Russell Holt

The Sydney snowboard crowd gathered at The Steyne Hotel in Manly last night for the Sydney stop of the Australian & NZ snowboard film premiere GO SEEK.

Jake McCarthy one of the featured rider in GO SEEK made the trek from the mountains for the premiere… its not a party till the man from Berridale arrives.

It was the final venue on the 5-stop Go Seek premiere tour and around 200 to 300 people turned out for the event at the newly renovated Steyne Hotel on the beachfront. The movie screened on the big screen outside in the courtyard where most people hung out around the fire pit and mingled about also checking out the small Photo Gallery made up of some of the best shots from Transfer’s new Photo Book.

The venue turned it on with some wintery food and drinks to get everyone in the mix. There were Toffee Apples – yes Toffee Apples, remember those? There were marsh mellows for the fire and there was lots of AGWA shots, by the time the movie finished, some the vibe was definitely rollin.

Lots of the snowboard scene turned up including Jake McCarthy, who has a solid part in the film – some are calling the best part – made the trip up to Sydney from Berridale just for the night (committed) along with a few other local known riders like Pete Long who also came up with a crew from Jindabyne. The kiwi contingent was out and in full force as always on the northern side of the coat hanger, with half of Queenstown’s snowboarders trading the lack of snow in NZ for some waves and free AGWA bombs – you can always count on the Kiwis to empty the bar and keep the party rolling. Ryan Tiene also made an appearance keen to celebrate his recent Photo Book Cover shot with a tequila and Sambucca bottle-emptying contest for those who dared.

The movie had a few hoots, especially for Jye and Jake the local kids, with Jye getting the ender. Most people were buzzing after the movie about the sound track and these two kids parts, which were more raw and urban this year compared to last years enders in MADE YOU LOOK. There’s a good section from Browner who goes pretty nuts on the big backcountry kickers and Nick Hyne has lots of tech switch tricks, although you can hardly tell its switch. Clint and Mitch Allan have a really nice section in Japan where they scored blower powder at a private resort near Niseko. All in all a good local movie again showcasing the talents of the shredders down under.

The night marked the end of the movie tour, a fun and fast tour of debauchery from Queenstown to Jindabyne to Melbourne to Snow Park and onto Sydney. Its all been about getting the shredders out and having a good night with good local movie, fun times and amping for the winter. It was a great night in Manly with a good vibe and perfect venue to finish.

A big thanks to the movies sponsors – they all were fully committed to this project from the start and to the snowboarding scene down under. So if you love to ride and love seeing local movies, then show your support by checking out their gear – it’s the best in the biz and they deserve a big pat on the back along with Ben Ryan from Reason Films and his filmers Stu Ross, John Waddell and Rob Norman.


Also a big shout out to AGWA for the drinks on the tour and to The Steyne Hotel for last night’s venue.

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