INTERSCHOOLS Harrison O’Connor, Q&A

August 25th, 2010

Harry O’Connor. Image:: Good Times Photography Blue Cow

The Interschools snowsports competitions are arguably Australia’s most important grass roots snowsports event, kids from all over the country have the chance to participate in skiing and snowboarding. There’s no selectivity, all school kids can have a go, either in a school team with two or three others or as individuals. Some are there for fun, others may be our future winter Olympians having their fist taste of competition.

Harry O’Connor is in year 7 at Riverview, he’s been competing in the Interschools for three years, this year his team has made it through to the second round of competition, the NSW State Championships, he’ll be competing this week – 25 to 29 August for a place at the Australian Interschools Championships in September. Like thousands of other kids in Thredbo and Mt Buller, where the Victorian State Interschools Championships are taking place, Harry is there to have fun and compete in a team with his mates.

Name: Harrison O’Connor
Age: 12
Division: 3

When did you first compete in Interschools?

I first competed in 2008 when I was in Year 5.

What do you enjoy most about racing in the Interschools?

Knowing that I’m representing my school in the sport I love most and just having a forum in which to compete.

What is your favourite event?

Alpine is definitely my preferred event.

Interschools is a team event, what do you enjoy about training and competing in a team with your friends?

Getting and giving support to one another and learning how to be a better skier.

Who are your skiing heros?

I was definitely in awe of our Aussies in Vancouver, but especially the downhill guys, Jono Brauer and Craig Branch.

Where in the world would you most like to go skiing?

My first overseas experience was Red Mountain but I would love to try heli-skiing, anywhere.

What are you looking forward to about the State Championships?

I just want to improve my times and hopefully go all the way to Nationals.

What do you think is your best skiing achievement so far (it might be doing a 360 or winning a medal or anything!)?

I was happy with where I came at Nationals in 2009 but just out-skiing my Dad is an achievement.

What are you hoping to achieve with your skiing in the next few years?

I want to be a better technical skier, but any day with skis on my feet is a great day.

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