Jackson’s Epic Backcountry – A Huge Natural Terrain Park

March 23rd, 2010

The boys taking in the view from the top of the new tram.

All Photos Tony Harrington/wheresharro.com

In mid-March Boen Ferguson, Charlie Timmins and Christian Sirianni, three of Australia’s best freeskiers, took their act into Jackson Hole’s infamous backcountry for a feature we’ll be running in this year’s Chillfactor magazine. According to photographer Tony Harrington the combination of steep, variable terrain and forgiving snow saw the boys ramp their skiing up a notch.
“The progression of Australian skiing is phenomenal and these guys are as good as anyone,” said Harro. They made a big impression with the Jackson locals who are as hardcore as they come.”
Jackson also left a lasting impression with the Australian skiers, all three rating it as one the best places they have ever skied. Christian sums up the place succinctly:
“Skiing is the number one priority at Jackson Hole. And, ski is what you do. Designer ski suits and facelifts are a rare sight here. Locals and visitors alike rate their experiences here on the stench in their thermals after a day of hiking and the vertical they skied during a day far above the happy snaps they take home to their pretentious friends. There is so much skiable terrain, vertical drop and endless possibilities in the out of bounds areas – of which many are accessible from the resort. Come to Jackson Hole if you want a real skiing experience on some of the world’s best terrain.”

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