JAPAN SNOW WRAP – The Word We Want is Amazing

February 7th, 2012

Simply astounding riding at hakuba on the weekend. Image:: thanks to Phoenix Hakuba, visit www.phoenixhotel.jp to put yourself in this picture!

Japan Snow Wrap

The land of the Long White Cloud more than deserves its on snow wrap… with a plethora of resorts large and small all over Japan this wrap could grow very long very quickly so here are a selection of the better known resorts, and their conditions are indicative of what can be found everywhere.

And what can be found everywhere? Well amazing snow, more amazing snow on the forecast and pretty much the best riding around…



Status: Open! Backcountry gates expected to open

Recent snow: There’s been a solid metre or so in the past week, around 15cm each day, though overnight Monday was clear.

Coming snow: It’s continuing pattern – between 10cm and 30cm of new snow every day this coming week, supported by cold temps, we’re looking at daily high temps of minus 7 in the middle of the week.

Conditions generally: This line is almost superfluous and really only needs one word – amazing. Though it was a little warmer on Monday and will be again on Tuesday which might introduce some moisture into the snow.


Status: Open

Recent snow: A nice weekend top up of about 10cm came on the back of the clear skies and sunshine of last week.

Coming snow: Light snow is expected all week – only a couple of centimetres each day but it should be cold… tops of minus 17 kind of cold, so that snow is going to be dry!

Conditions generally: Pretty jolly good. The base is at 170cm and the cover is dry and fluffy!


Status: Open

Recent snow: A little over half a metre since last Wednesday across the mountain, perhaps a little more on the higher slopes.

Coming snow: Daily top ups of 8cm – 9cm throughout this week, nothing heavier but like the rest of Hokkaido the temperatures will be so cold it’s going to be more like icing sugar than snow…

Conditions generally: A base of 230m and regular freshies make for some pretty good riding!

Mick Baker enjoying the offerings at hakuba on 2 February. Image:: thanks to Phoenix Hakuba, visit www.phoenixhotel.jp to put yourself in this picture!



Status: Open

Recent snow: Around 60cm at village level since last Wednesday, the dissapointing news is a little rain fell on Monday night after a couple of sunny says, but cold air is on the way!

Coming snow: Once the temperature drops – it’ll be back down to minus 2 to minus 4 on Tuesday and before dropping dramatically down to minus 10 or 11 by Wednesday – the snow will return with about 15cm expected daily throughout the week.

Conditions generally: The rain and brief warm spell would have had an impact on the cover but not much and with the cold and snow coming back with a vengeance it will be back to optimum soon.

Shiga Kogen

Status: Open

Recent snow: 60cm or so since last Wednesday, most of it falling late last week – the week ended in sunshine before a short bout of rain on Monday.

Coming snow: Starting Tuesday morning it looks like there will be daily snowfalls in the vicinity of 10cm or so throughout the week.

Conditions generally: The brief rain session on Monday morning may have burnt through the top of the cover but it was only brief and the return to cold will help the base freeze nicely, ready to receive the upcoming snowfalls.

Niseko 31 January. Image:: Niseko Tourism


Status: Open

Recent snow: With a metre or more falling between last Wednesday and last Friday the resort was in pretty good condition, and that was before the extra 20cm or so that dribbled in over the weekend. Unfortunately that dribble turned to rain for a short period on Tuesday morning

Coming snow: 10cm on Tuesday, 10cm on Wednesday, another 5cm on Thursday and again on Friday. Couple that with a return to winter coldness and there should be some nice freshies on the way.

Conditions generally: Like the other resorts in the area, a little rain effected but nothing it can’t bounce back from super fast once this snow starts to fall


Status: Open

Recent snow: 45cm since last Wednesday, with a couple of days of blue skies thrown in for good measure. But yes, a little rain on Tuesday.

Coming snow: A centimetre or two each day this week, more on Thursday and Friday, with temperatures dropping down to the double digit minus through the middle of the week.

Conditions generally: Same story, a bit rain dimpled but nothing major and will be great again with a fresh top up.

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