Kids Shred With Their Hero at the Torah Bright Mini Shred

July 20th, 2016

Mini Shreeeeeeddddd! Image:: Thredbo Resort

Mountainwatch | Thredbo

Masses of young skiers and boarders joined Gold Medallist Torah Bright for a fun day at the Torah Bright Mini Shred in Thredbo over the weekend, where they learnt new tricks and made plenty of new friends.

The atmosphere was incredible, Torah and her coaching crew ran workshops on how to jump, slide and grab, while parents watched on in excitement. Torah Bright T-Shirts were pulled on while the sausages sizzled on the BBQ.

Finishing off the day Torah and friends took time to sign posters, take photos and give away some amazing prizes. There were plenty of smiles and stoked kids heading home…with some new tricks under their belts and lots of newfound confidence!

We’re already counting down until next year.

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