SNOW ALERT AUS – 40 to 80cm – The Spring Powder Hammer

August 2nd, 2017

Springs typical slushy conditions are being replaced by powder, and lots of it. Image:: Hotham

Mountainwatch | Snow Alert


Snow Likelihood rating: Certain

Attention snow plowers, warm up your engines ‘cause things are about to get crazy in and around the Australian resorts. That’s right, skiers and boarders, this morning we’re staring down the storm of the season. With the last of the high’s being nudged off, making way for the first of the low’s to set the tone later in today. But it’s the front that’s spooling-up deep in the Southern Ocean that’s set to trump even the #blizzardofoz.

In Monday and Tuesday’s blizzard conditions, we’re set to receive 40-80cm alone down to as low as 1000/900m. That’s just the cusp of it as these conditions are continuing throughout next week and then some. As the Grasshopper has reported in today’s extended outlook – all possible outcomes are pointing to more snow later on in the week. We know the Grasshopper means business when it say’s ‘serious snow falls’.

Hold on tight while these westerlies howl through and get ready to have a powder-loaded spring (#snowtember). Even MW’s lead reporter, Reggae Ellis is saying we’ll have skiable snow up ‘till Christmas. Now that’s exciting!

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