The Oakley Jib Vid 2009

November 19th, 2009

Photos by Alex Roberts

The Oakley Jib Vid contest captures the underlying motive for progressive snowboarding documentation. A simple gathering of snowboarders and snowboard filmmakers for a weekend of riding, filming and editing in Mayrhofen Austria, bringing everyone together to share ideas, snowboard, party and of course document snowboarding in a creative way. In 2009 Australian photographer Alex Roberts and NZ snowboarder Stef Zeestraten teamed up with two Austrians to form the team “The Strangers”.

NZ’s Stef Zeestraten slashing the top of a bank. Deep pow Mayrhofen.

“I found myself in Mayrhofen, Austria for the 2009 Oakley Jib Vid, a competition that is very unique. We had to round up a team of three (2 riders and one filmer) and make a video within 28 hours. Sounds simple right? Well I rounded up my last minute team and found myself with two very entertaining strangers, Friedl (Kolar) and Hias. We were all very new to this event and did not really know what we were getting ourselves into. I was half injured at the time and we had no real plan, but luckily for us it was another powder day in Austria.
There were very little rules and as long as you had a good time and came up with a video at the end you were in. We ended up having a blast with some wicked powder turns, as Friedl
was the local showing us all the secret spots of their home mountain. We didn’t end up winning or anything, but it’s a great way to spend a day with strangers.”
– Stef Zeestraten

Stef Zeestraten with a mandatory Jib on the Jib-Vid Camera set-up in the Mayrhofen Park

“2010 will be year 6 for the Oakley Jib-Vid and it is going to be an awesome spectacle with international teams, top music and an incredible projection night with all the tension and excitement that can be mustered. Check out for more info, the new holding page should be live by the end of September and the full site and entries from the end of jan.”
Graham MacVoy – Event organizer.

Friedl Kolar Slashin one of the many back bowls of Mayrhofen. How cool is the wind effect on the flying powder!

“The event itself was a lot of fun. It was cool seeing so many different little movies, ideas and styles. For me as a jibber from the early days it meant that we are able to film a nice jib clip. Hang on – but doesn’t jibbing mean I have to stay in the park and film? Hell no, if there’s powder I’ll hit it and jib it. We would for sure have won the pow video contest.. for me we did.
– Friedl Kolar

The Strangers busy in the editing suite.

The Strangers Video

The Winning Video from iSeven

Friedl Kolar has one of the best Method’s in Europe. He’s also a local to Mayrhofen and part of the original Aesthetiker crew.

Stef Zeestraten burying a deep-high speed pow turn

The Strangers team; L to R: filmer dude, Friedl Kolar, Stef Zeestraten

Stef Zeestraten with looks that the camera loves…??

Stef Mute Tail Bone like it’s a weekend.

Friedl Kolar with a casual Indy of a powder pillow deep in the Mayrhofen wilderness.