Who Knew Skiing Behind a Galloping Horse Could Be So Much Fun? – Video

February 23rd, 2016

Mountainwatch | Video

Anyone remember what Skijoring is? We first alerted you guys to it when we discussed 5 things Mike Baird could do with the $4 Million in stamp duty he earned from the Vail Resorts/Perisher acquisition. Anyway, it’s basically hanging on for dear life while a galloping horse drags you through a course to test the skills of even the very best skiers. Sounds insane, right? It is … and we thought the NPWS would love the idea, it solves the problem of Wild Brumby management and creates a tourism drawcard at the same time! The perfect solution, are we right?

From the creators: “Skijoring is perhaps the perfect representation of the historic crossroad of cowboys and skiers in Jackson Hole, WY. The sport consists of an adrenaline-packed 15-20 seconds where a skier gets pulled behind a horse, reaching speeds of up to 40 miles per hour while maneuvering various gates and obstacles. Put yourself in the middle of the action and enjoy this video.”