The Best Snowboards For Japan 2016-17

23rd of November 2016

Transfer x Rhythm Snowboard Shop

A good tradesman never blames his tools, but that saying doesn’t offer much condolence when you go boots-up after burying-nose right before that life-altering turn. This scenario is all too familiar for those who’ve ever tried to ride deep snow on inappropriate equipment.

Unlike your friend’s who’ve left you to dig your way out of that waist deep hole, we’re here to give you some insurance against this unfortunate experience ever happening again. What you see before you is a no-BS guide to the best boards we’ve ever ridden in Japan. If you’re going to bet on a horse, make it a good one, and these boards are bloody thoroughbreds when it comes to powering through Japanese pow. Go on, take a tip from us and watch this guide presented by Rhythm Snowboard shop or alternatively read on.

Man and his machine, Richie Carroll knows the importance of selecting the right craft for Japanese Pow. Image:: Finnegan Laver


Sizes: 156cm, 161cm
Performance: 7/10
Playfulness: 10/10
Price: $649.95

Find lines on the trail map or deep in the woods with this highly versatile and user-friendly appropriation of the fish surfboard. This Modified version takes the proven performance of Burton's regular Fish board and incorporates a more playful feel not too dissimilar to your favourite fish surfboard in your summer quiver. The loose and surfy feel is achieved thanks to a reduced sidecut and more centred (but still directional) stance, which makes this board a friendly alternative for anyone seeking soft turns.
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Sizes: 152cm, 155cm, 159cm, 161cm
Performance: 10/10
Playfulness: 7/10
Price: $949.95
The Gnu Mullair is Nicolas Mullers very first pro-model. And what's good enough for Nicco is good enough for you, considering he's been putting out video parts for nearly 20 years.This is an aggressive hard charging directional board that rides switch as easily as regular (Hence the yin-yang symbols) though you wouldn't realise it by looking at the shape. It rides fast for anyone who wants quick edge-to-edge carving. This board dominates technical terrain like gullies, chutes, and ice but also makes light work of more forgiving terrain like open fields loaded with bottomless pow.
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2017 YES 420

Sizes: 148cm, 152cm
Performance: 7/10
Playfulness: 8/10
Price: $759.95
Take what you know about powder boards and toss it out the window, because the YES 420 does away with any powder board preconceptions. The stocky outline of this deck distributes volume to areas which enhance float and stability. Its tapered shape along with the boards outline makes up for the smaller surface area, making it comparable to a board that’s 10cm longer. With reduce mass and swing weight, this thing can be tossed around the tree’s and will keep its neck up and above in the deepest pow but still perform on the hardback.
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Sizes: 143cm, 146cm, 149cm, 152cm, 154cm
Performance: 9/10
Playfulness: 8/10
Price: $799.95
The Diamond is seriously a girl’s best friend. You don’t need any other deck if you have this one. The All Terrain Freestyle 3D Camber (the contact points are bent up) is the ultimate 3D base on the market. The 3D areas at the contact points eliminates edge hook and creates a much looser, fun ride while being aggressive when you need it.This board is waiting to be unleashed on park jumps, backcountry booters, freestyle or all mountain. The Diamond doesn’t discriminate, it destroys.
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Sizes: 149cm, 153cm
Performance: 8/10
Playfulness: 9/10
Price: $729.95
A powder board tuned specifically for women, with the effortless float and surfy feel that powder hound-ettes crave. So you’re dreaming of untouched pow turns - you’ve caught the bug - here’s your board. Let this more aggressive surf machine lift your mind, body, and soul to a higher (and deeper) plane of existence. Developed in collaboration with Kelly Clark and Kimmy Fasani, its tapered shape and Directional Bend deliver a surfy, quick-turning, and floaty feel that flows with ease through natural terrain.
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