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6th of January 2017

Transfer | Richie Carroll

Drink Waters Full Film ‘ENERGY’

This full feature film from the team at Drink Water is nothing short of amazing and is sure to get you keen to get outdoors and go ride! The Drink Water guys (Bryan Fox, Austin Smith, Curtis Ciszek) have provided a breath of fresh air from the current snowboard films that are being churned out and posted online almost daily, ultimately resulting in us forgetting about them quicker than Chumpy on a boardercross course.

‘ENERGY’ captures everything that is snowboarding, from the adventures and travel involved, the friendships made, new remote powder locations and some of the best freeriding to date.

Give yourselves 30 minutes and watch this from start to end, it’s well worth it.

Snackbreak in Whis

The Snackbreak crew have moved on from Perisher and now occupied Whistler as their new home base for the season whilst filming for their full length film. Along with the move they’ve acquired a few new Aussie boarders to join their force and film for their upcoming video. This edit features Aussie rail destroyers Andy James and Sam ‘Red Dog’ Neuman plus all the foreigners such as Bryan Bowler and Johan Rosen, taking to the park and the streets in style around Whistler.

Videograss ‘Visitors’ Trailer

Videograss have just released a new trailer for their upcoming film called ‘Visitors’. The crew look like they’ve had a great start to filming already this season and it’s only early January! Nothing like an early leak of footage…Needless to say with this heavy hitting crew, it’s one film to definitely watch when it comes out post northern hemisphere winter. Check out what they’ve been up to so far!

Rice, Carter & Kingwell shred Jackon Hole

This gives you the perfect idea of what Jackon Hole is currently like and it features snowboarding legends Travis Rice, Mark Carter and Rob Kingwell (less talking, more watching).

Jackon Hole has received a total of 264 inches of snowfall this season…making it one of deepest early seasons in 51 years. Rendezvous Bowl, the skier and snowboarders paradise, has totaled almost 13 feet, marking December as the second snowiest in the resorts history.

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