Video Review - Nicolas Muller 'FRUITION'

19th of January 2017

Transfer | Richie Carroll

Nicolas Müller’s new film ‘FRUITION’ recently was released on iTunes for the public to feast their eyes upon. For those of you who don’t know who Nicolas is, then you should probably go and type his name into Google and study up for a couple of hours.

Nicolas is an icon in the snowboard world, from winning every competition worth winning back in the late 90’s and early 2000’s, to now being the guy that oozes style and soul in every video part he releases under Absinthe Films and Nike, he’s the rider that no one can not like.

This film has been in the works for over 2 years and most snowboarder fans, like myself, have been eagerly awaiting to get our hands on Müller’s best and most current footage to date. The only snowboarder I’d watch for an hour would be Müller.

However, this film is more of a documentary and homage to Müller’s life as a snowboarder. Don’t expect to be buying 60 minutes of non-stop Müller madness because it’s more like 50% snowboarding and 50% voice overs, interviews and healthy living advice.

The section in Japan is insane, fast paced and filled with pillows but ends way too soon. The section in Alaska is mind bending and really paints a picture of just how gnarly and life ending the place is. Manuel Diaz in particular rides in this section like a bat out of hell…well worth the watch.

Nicolas opens up entirely in the film, getting into his childhood, depression and years as the competitive king of snowboarding and why he decided to take the path he’s chasing now.

All in all, it’s a good watch and a great insight into the life of one of snowboarding’s greatest icons and methods. Not your ‘watch before you shred videos’ but will definitely stoke you out to spin less, turn more and enjoy the simple act of riding your board.

You can purchase the video here

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