Travis Rice’s Best Film yet? - Depth Perception - Pre-review

25th of September 2017

We sense T-Rice has found the winning formula for big screen snowboard films in his latest project, Depth Perception. Here’s why ... Photo:: Provided

Transfer | Louis Macindoe

Snowboarding’s most anticipated man is getting back on the big screen again, with the announcement of his latest project - ‘Depth Perception’ being premiered next month. That’s right, Travis Rice - the protagonist behind snowboarding’s grandest exposés; Art of Flight (2011) and The Fourth Phase (2016) will be joining Quiksilver snow stalwarts Bryan Fox, Austen Sweetin and Roxy’s Robin Van Gyn on the screen.

In true T-Rice fashion, the hype has been kept to a minimum up ‘till now and from all accounts, ‘Depth Perception’ is set to be rather mind-altering. But all of that has begun to bubble, and there’s plenty to talk about with this new film. Firstly, the fact that it diverges from the typical T-Rice x Brainfarm formula largely because ‘Depth Perception’ or ‘DP’ is entirely shot and edited by an indie-production company - Rubble & Helio. Which seems to warrant the claims of it having a somewhat Wes Anderson vibe to its narration, there's even a lack of animation in the trailer. We haven’t heard a soundbite yet to validate this claim, but the trailer embodies a humanistic feel to it, unlike the previous T-Rice titles, which at times, the snowboarding audience found it difficult to digest. What we’re seeing is a much more empathetic Travis Rice film that sits more in line with earlier T-Rice driven projects like Oakley’s The Community Project (2006). This thing (DP) is guaranteed to send tingles down the spines of all-snowboarders alike, but won’t prohibit those in the audience fanning out on the cinematic experience.

Travis isn’t alone in his discovery, along for the ride is Bryan Fox, Austen Sweetin and Robin Van Gyn. Photo:: Provided

Depth Perception deviates from the sail-boat straddling, globe-trotting plot of The Fourth Phase and focuses on just one location, and bloody expansive and beautiful one at that – British Columbia’s temperate forest, the furthest inland rainforest in the world. Each of the four riders has an intrinsic connection with this supernatural wonderland, and Depth Perception tells their story. Apparently, it will make you ‘laugh and learn’ but most importantly it’ll 'make you want to ride’ which is a slight shift in prioritisation when compared to the other films. Drone operators will have to get their kicks elsewhere (maybe). This film will be ground-breaking, not because of the equipment used to produce it but because it captures some of the best backcountry snowboarding ever, in one of the world’s most beautiful locations and does it in a way which is authentic and heartfelt.

There’s been a certain soundtrack that’s been used in the T-Rice films. A formula that’s a little frat-ish, a little 'yolo', a little dramatic but always packing that ‘big sound’. Again, Depth Perception fractures the mould with the most dramatic soundscape yet. Amplifying the storytelling element is the instrumental, classical works of Hannah Holbrook and the more elated, pop-y sounds of Kishi Bashi. M83 fans will be bummed.

The title ‘Depth Perception’ works on so many levels, here’s one. Bryan Fox, in very deep. Photo:: Provided

Final Verdict

While I might have over-stepped the mark, with my pre-emptive review of the highly-anticipated film, I feel confident in saying, Depth Perception might just be T-Rice’s best work yet. A huge claim, yes but with everything that I’ve come to see and hear about the project, I feel as if T-Rice has finally found the formula that successfully mates that big screen, cinematic experience with the core-values of snowboarding. I’ll go as far as giving it an 8/10 without having seen the thing.

Expect big things from Depth Perception, ‘cause T-Rice does big well and despite all the indifference's in this film compared to the other titles, it’ll be no exception. The world tour of the films screening will take place from the 18th October, in Montana while no Southern Hemisphere premieres are confirmed we can expect to see a full-length copy surface around November otherwise keep checking Kuta’s Paddys Lane for potential bootlegs.

Watch the Trailer Here

For more info on Depth Perception, check this out

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