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Wednesday, 20 June

Synoptic Outlook:

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. That old adage looks to be holding true when looking at the forecast for the Australian Alps this week. Last weeks storms brought over 80cm of snowfall in some areas, but this week sunshine will dominate. That’s good news for all you fair-weather skiers, and at least the kids are less likely to grizzle about being cold.


A ridge lounges over southeast Australia through Friday, then weakens a tad during Saturday as a weakening front approaches from the west. The front should cross the Aussie Alps Saturday night or early Sunday. Initially, it was looking like we would get a light dusting from this front, but it now appears to weaken so much that we’d be lucky to see a snowflake out of it. Resorts in Victoria are the most likely to see these snowflakes, but even that would be pushing it.


Ridgey McRidgeface is lounging all over the Aussie Alps and will overstay it’s welcome. Fronts approaching from the west will weaken significantly by the time they reach our slopes. Source:: Metservice (vandilised by the Grasshopper)


Wednesday 20 June:

A fine day, with just some scraps of high cloud overhead. Winds mostly light, but a NW breeze on Victorian resorts.


Thursday 21 June:

A beautiful day, only a little bit of high cloud around at first. Light winds.


Friday 22 June:

A mint day. W-NW winds on Victorian resorts, spreading to NSW resorts during the afternoon.


Saturday 23 June:

Fine at first, then cloud increasing in Victoria during the afternoon with a possible snowflake or two. SW winds developing.


Extended Outlook:

A big high moves into the Great Australian Bight on Sunday, which pushes cold SW winds over the Australian Alps, but it’s unlikely we’ll see any snow falling. The high gradually moves onto southeast Australia early next week.


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