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Aug 19 2019 06:27 AM: Monday, August 19: The rain turned to snow in the village around 9pm last night and there's 5cms on the ground outside and it is still snowing now. There cat driver I spoke to checked the depth at the bottom of Antons where there is 15-20cms and more up high where it is snowing and blowing, and he said the snow is light, not surprising with the temp at the top a cold -6 and it is -2 in the village. The wind is 39ks out of the west, gusting up to 52ks and the forecast is for westerly winds n the 45-65 range throughout the day and there is a lot of snow blowing in and they are having a tough battle trying to clear the upper traverses like Ridge Traverse and Conrod Strait clear as the drifts keep filling in. Visibility is poor but there will be some great snow up there and it is a day to head for the trees with Funnelweb, Snowgums Trees, Michaels and Merritts area to go for some freshies this morning. The snow below Bunnywalk is wetter, but the groomed runs are in great shape with a fresh layer on a packed base. The snow is meant to ease by late morning, so visibility should improve and we are in for a good day. It was snowing down to the park gate last night so take care on the road as it is icy and chains are required. Looks like more snow coming in late tomorrow and the Grasshopper has the details in today forecast. Enjoy the fresh tracks and have a great day. - Reggae

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