INTERVIEW - Boen Ferguson

18th of October 2012

From the tender age of five, Boen Ferguson was a figure on the Australian ski scene. Now, at the still tender age of 22, he is comfortably established as one of the best skiers in the country. Amongst his talented circle of friends, the likes of Russell Henshaw, Charlie Timmins and Jordan Houghton, he is the creative one. He has always had slightly different tricks, grabs and tweaks, and a more unique approach to riding the mountain and the park.

Mountainwatch | Alex Cameron

Boen. Photo by Nick Parkinson

Each year for the last three Australia seasons, Boen has sustained a serious injury. He's blown both knees and this year he ruptured his kidney and punctured his liver. Each season, up until he gets injured, he's been leading on the Australian competition circuit. After his injury this season, Boen didn't want to know about skiing. We visited him a bunch during his stint in intensive care in Canberra and it seemed like he was over it. The doctor's told him that he couldn't ski for 3 months and that he couldn't drink - I thought that he was done for good. He was talking about moving to Sydney, we spoke about different jobs and life after skiing... It was fairly dull.

About six weeks after the doctors told him not to ski for three months, I saw this photo pop up in my Instagram feed:

Boen's Instagram: @boenn - he's definitely good for a follow.

I called him up straight away:
'Dude, did you go skiing?'
'Yeah, it was so fun.'
'But dude, didn't the doctors say three months?'
'Yeah, but that's only cause if I fall I might damage my guts again. So I'm just not falling over.'
'But isn't that a photo of a backflip out of the quarter pipe?'
'Yeah, but I can't fall. It's good for my skiing.'

Fast-forward two weeks, and Boen had skied every single day. He probably logged the most hours on the mountain in the last two weeks of the season out of anyone in the country. All his old goals - Olympics, photo trips, filming - they're all back on the table.

He's back at work (against the doctor's advice) to save up to go chase the Northern winter. He's just arrived in Sydney - we're going to Dungog for a music festival this weekend. I don't bother asking whether he is allowed to drink yet, he's got a case on his shoulder.

MW: How was the last two weeks of your season? Did you fall over at all?
Boen: Last two weeks are the best two weeks! Didn't take any falls, got some sunburn so I wasn't completely unscathed.

How are you're guts feeling now?
Pretty much 100%, I get another scan in November to check its all going to plan.

Has it been hard dealing with getting hurt these last few years?
It's been so lame... I always hurt myself on the stupidest things.

What is the plan for this coming summer?
I'm hoping to head over to the states in December, do some World Cups there and in Europe. Looks like a lot of traveling so it will be fun.

So you are planning to go to the Olympics?
Yeah, it will be cool. There's a few of us trying so we'll all be traveling to the same events together like the old days.

Have you thought about Slopestyle as well as pipe?
I want to try for both. I think it could be manageable. I don't get to ride a lot of pipe but I do enjoy it when I can. And if down the track I think I should drop one and focus on the other at least I will have the option.

If you weren't a pro skier, what would you be?

How much fun is Dungog going to be?
That much^

Who's got your back?
Oakley, Liberty Skis, XTM Gloves, Dalbello boots. All the right people.

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