Preseason Snowfall - Resort Wrap up and Photos

10th of April 2017

Falls Creek at 7.15am this morning! Image:: Falls Creek/Hocking

Mountainwatch | Matt Wiseman

The office is abuzz today with talk of the season’s first significant snowfall. A powerful cold front has swept through the nation’s southeast and delivered up to 20cm of fresh snow to New South Wales and Victorian resorts.

In light of the Grasshoppers recent outlook, which you can read here, what early season snowfall means to the season ahead has always been a topic of hot debate. Some argue it’s a negative omen while others contend it’s a sign of the good things to come. No matter your view, we're pretty sure you're going to be as stoked as we are to see the white stuff settle.

With snow reportedly still dumping down, keep an eye on your favourite resorts live cameras here.

Falls Creek

Reports out of Falls Creek say that snow began falling there yesterday afternoon as temperatures dipped well below zero. Snowfalls intensified overnight with the mercury dipping to minus 3 degrees. This left a blanket of snow up to 15-20cm deep.

Check out the Falls cams here.

Flakes fell heavily all night at Falls. Image:: Falls Creek/Hocking

Falls Creek residents and holidaymakers alike awoke to a winter wonderland. Image:: Falls Creek/Hocking


Reports from Thredbo indicate the snow is still falling lightly following 10-15cm overnight.

This has pleasantly surprised many holidaymakers who had packed with mountain biking and hiking in mind but now find themselves in beanies and gloves, building snowmen in the village.

As in Falls Creek, the temperature also dipped to -3 degrees, which made for one of the coldest nights of the year so far. Moderate winds have meant the wind chill factor is still sitting well below zero.

Check out the Thredbo cams here.

Snow fell all the way to the village in Thredbo. Image:: Thredbo

Thredbo's village green has transformed overnight and allowed for the first snowman of the 2017 season. Image:: Thredbo

A sign of Winter. Image:: Thredbo

The sign to Dead Horse Gap submerged in snow. Image:: Thredbo


Perisher’s socials are reporting 5cm of snow having fallen overnight with the promise of more to come throughout the day.

Check out the Perisher cams here.

You'd be forgiven for thinking it's Winter already in Perisher. Image:: Perisher

All smiles by the 8 chair. Image:: Perisher

The only thing missing is some skis or a snowboard! Image:: Perisher

A familiar sight to anyone who's ridden the Terminal Quad Chair up at Blue Cow. Image:: Perisher

Charlotte Pass

Check out the Charlotte Pass cams here.

Even the groomers are excited! Image:: Charlotte Pass/Didj Hopkins

Not your typical early Autumn sunrise. Image:: Charlotte Pass/Didj Hopkins

Selwyn Snowfields

Selwyn was also treated to 15 odd cm of snow.

Check out the Selwyn cams here.

15cm of snow now blankets the main runs at Selwyn. Image:: Selwyn Snowfields

Fresh tracks! Image:: Selwyn Snowfields

The snow is reportedly still piling up. Image:: Selwyn Snowfields

Even the local wildlife can't wait for the season to get underway. Image:: Selwyn Snowfields


Check out the Hotham cams here

A sight for sore eyes... Hotham wearing its Winter coat. Image:: Hotham

Disney like scenes at Hotham this morning. Image:: Hotham

Lots of layers were required as temperatures dropped to -3 degrees. Image:: Hotham

Mount Buller

Check out the Mt Buller cams here.

The snow hit Buller early. This image was taken last night, before even more snow fell on top. Image:: Mt Buller

Mt Buller draped in snow and heavy fog. Image:: Mt Buller

With the snowy mountains forecast to see a few fine days this coming week, the jury’s out on whether the winter coat will stick around for the upcoming Easter long weekend.

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