Preseason Snowfall Two - Resort Wrap Up And Photos

29th of May 2017

(Snow)Falls Creek last night. Image:: Falls Creek/Chris Hocking

Mountainwatch | Matt Wiseman

We were all pretty excited when 20cm of snow blanketed the Australian resorts in early April, but we're even more excited today. Not only has it happened again, but this dump should also stick around for opening weekend in 12 days time!

Just as the Grasshopper predicted in his Opening Weekend Outlook a few days ago, a spritely low below Tasmania encouraged yesterday’s and last night's snow bearing cold front. While there was talk of it delivering 5-10cm of snow, on all accounts, resorts have seen up to 15-20cm. The Kicker? The Grasshopper foresaw in his crystal ball a second front arriving tomorrow as well, this one he predicted as being on track to bring a further 10-20cm of snow. Stay tuned for our coverage of that!

Until those reinforcements arrive, have a look below at how each resort fared last night. You’d also be wise to keep an eye on your favourite resorts live cameras here.


Perisher are reporting that the front delivered 20cm of snow across the four resort areas of Perisher Valley, Blue Cow, Smiggin Holes and Guthega.

The temperature also reached a chill -3 overnight, allowing the snowmaking team to fire up over 30 snowguns.

“What a night and there is more snow to come." Said Perisher’s Snowmaking Manager John Palmer.

"More importantly for the snowmaking team there are some really cold nights that will be ideal for us to make a heap of snow and give Perisher a perfect start to the season.”

Check out the Perisher cams here.

Suns out guns out at Perisher this morning. Image:: Perisher

20cm of natural snow has blanketed Perisher’s front valley and man made snow is still icing the cake. Image:: Perisher

Not long until the sun rises on another Australian ski season. Image:: Perisher

Don’t let the bluebird deceive you, more snow is forecast in the next 48 hours. Image:: Perisher

Mr Plow has his work cut out for him. Image:: Perisher


Thredbo also saw 20cm blanket the mountain whilst 5cm settled in the village. A top temperature of -1 is also forecast for Thredbo today, ensuring the snow stays snow.

Thredbo Operations Manager Stuart Driver, said, “The snow started to fall late yesterday about the peaks, lowering to the village overnight. It was fantastic to throw open the curtains today and see the mountain all wintry and white.”

“Very cold temperatures saw snowmaking fire up last night complementing the natural falls, it is looking good for the opening weekend in just under two weeks.”

Check out the Thredbo cams here.

Thredbo wearing its Sunday best. Image:: Thredbo

Let Friday Flat cure your Mondayitis. Image:: Thredbo

5cm even found its way to the village. Image:: Thredbo


20cm has settled across Hotham, however reports are that clouds have started building once again.

Check out the Hotham cams here

Hothams new cover and cover photo... Image:: Hotham

Hotham's new base. Image:: Hotham

This shot was posted by Hotham at 10:30am on Sunday, by which time they had already recieved 10cm of snow. Image:: Hotham

Falls Creek

Falls Creek with 20cm of new snow.

Check out the Falls cams here.

The table is arguably the best snow depth reader ever invented. Image:: Falls Creek/Chris Hocking

Falls Creek boasting a nice natural base. Image:: Falls Creek/Chris Hocking

Fresh tracks despite poor visibility this morning. Image:: Falls Creek/Chris Hocking

Only 12 days until the chairs start spinning. Image:: Falls Creek/Chris Hocking

Mt Buller

Check out the Mt Buller cams here.

Snow gums living up to their name at Buller. Image:: Mt Buller

Charlotte Pass

Charlotte Pass can also boast 20cm of snow in the past 24hrs.

Check out the Charlotte Pass cams here.

Plenty of snow fell up at 1835m. Image:: Charlotte Pass/Didj Hopkins

Nearly open for business! Image:: Charlotte Pass/Didj Hopkins

Mt Baw Baw

Mt Baw Baw were treated to around 15cm.

Check out the Mt Baw Baw cams here.

This shot came out of Baw Baw on Sunday night when the snow was still falling. Image:: Mt Baw Baw

It's been cold up at Baw Baw today. Image:: Mt Baw Baw

Someone couldn't wait 12 days and we don't blame them! Image:: Mt Baw Baw

Here's hoping that second front delivers tomorrow!

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