Weekend Inspiration - Lib Tech's 'Road To Holy Bowly' - Part Four

29th of September 2017

This might be just a mundane screenshot, but when you watch the footage you'll know, trust us.

Transfer | Louis Macindoe

Having just watched Lib Tech’s latest instalment of their ‘Road To Holy Bowly’ series, aptly titled ‘Part Four: Staycation’ I can confirm that Phil Hansen is one of the most entertaining/skilled humans on a snowboard, and I’m pretty sure Lib Tech actually put him on their team as a skateboarder. Which further confirms my speculation about the return of the ‘crossover athlete’.

I’m not entirely sure the plot of this episode, mostly because I’m breathing into a paper bag trying to digest the snowboarding footage I just watched. I think the best turn ever done on a snowboard is in there too. T-Rice makes an appearance and they’re riding some epic terrain, like the legendary Mt Baker Banked Slalom and the uber-hip Mission Ridge. All on Lib Tech’s home turf in Washington – hence why they’re calling it a ‘staycation’. I don’t blame them, why go anywhere when things are this good at home.

In saying that, you should fully make one last trip down to the snow for the closing weekend though because there are still epic parks to be ridden and Thredbo has a pond skim going . Staycation postponed, now watch this ...

Watch 'Road to Holy Bowly Part Four: Staycation'

Watch the more of the 'Road To Holy Bowly' series below, or check out the blog post here

Watch 'Road to Holy Bowly Part Three: Dream Trip

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