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TRAVEL INDIA Avalanche Adventures in GULMARG
19th of January 2012

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The debris from an avalanche initiated by patrol at the top of the Gondola. And why it is closed for now. Image:: Sam Leitch

Travel Gulmarg | Sam Leitch

Aussie skier Sam Leitch - star of many of 2011's best Australian snow photos is in Gulmarg experiencing all the extremes Mountains can throw at us hapless skiers. Following the recent spate of avalanches in the area he had this to say...

Ok, so I got to Gulmarg on the fifth of Jan. Kashmir has experienced its most peaceful summer in years with the ongoing India - Pakistan conflict over the region remaining relatively quiet. And there had just been a dump of snow which had locals optimistic!

But with the new snow arriving on top of the weak layer that remained from October and November the snow safety team opted to keep the upper phase of the Gondola shut due to avalanche risk. However the bottom phase was open as well as a new four man chair that accesses some fun lower angle terrain with the odd steeper pitch. Only about fifty or so skiers enjoyed a fun few days tracking out the terrain under the chair last week before most opted to tour towards other low angle ridges and gullies. More snow is forecast this weekend. Brian Newman and the snow safety team will assess snow conditions after the storm and then make a decision whether or not to open the upper phase to skiers and boarders.

This information is updated daily at www.gulmargsnowsafety.com

Sam Leitch about to score some fun turns on safe low angle terrain. Image:: Sam Leitch

Local shredder Taj. Image:: Sam Leitch

Finnish skier having fun in the trees accessed by lower phase of the Gondola. Image:: Sam Leitch

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