A Film Made for the Big Screen - THE ART OF FLIGHT Australian Cinema Premieres

29th of September 2011

Travis Rice in action in Alaska, USA, on 3 May 2010. Image:: Scott Serfas/Red Bull Content Pool

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The world's most anticipated snowboard movie, Travis Rice's THE ART OF FLIGHT will premiere in Australian on 10 October. Yes, we know, almost everyone in the entire world downloaded the film hours after its world premiere in New York, but people, this is a film made for the BIG SCREEN...

"If James Cameron were to make a snowboarding film, it would look just like this..."

So begins the Art of Flight release announcement, not that anyone remotely involved in the world of snowboarding needs a James Cameron reference to understand the magnitude of Travis Rice's cinematic opus.

With a Hollywood-sized budget, a hand-picked band of fellow snow-legends and the infamous Phantom Cam, Rice has pulled off the ultimate snowboard film triple threat; a visual masterpiece proportional to the colossal terrain and outstanding riding it features.

But this is no mere snowboard film. The two-year story of the crew's quest to raise snowboarding to new heights promises thriller-worthy action and adventure, set against a mountain-porn backdrop of the world's most stunning peaks, and presented in an ocular feast of the highest-quality - thanks to the collaborative efforts of director Curt Morgan, Red Bull Media House and Brain Farm Digital Cinema.

The ART OF FLIGHT is not just for the frothers. Like some bizarrely amazing Rambo/David Attenborough hybrid, this film is for us all - the mountain-lovers, the thrill seekers and the cinematography nerds.

"The Art of FLIGHT seeks out un-touched terrain in the far reaches of the globe, redefining what is possible on a snowboard. The riders open up new mountain zones and approach explored mountains from completely unique angles in regions including Patagonia's Darwin Range, the Andes and Alaska's Tordrillo Range. And it's done so with outstanding visual effect." - So continues the release announcement.

But we know that, we've been captivated by the run of teaser trailers - heavy metal version anyone? - for months. We know the film stars John Jackson, Scotty Lago and Pat Moore and that it features groundbreaking tricks shot using state of the art cinematography. In short, we know it's going to BLOW MINDS.

Which is why we're climbing over our own grandmothers to secure ourselves a cinema seat to see it - even those of us who couldn't hold out and sourced themselves an internet copy. Computer screens are for watching re-runs of family guy on rainy days. Cinema screens are the true home of ART OF FLIGHT.

So take note, here is the list of cinemas screening the Rice Opus from 13 - 16 October:

PS: Stay turned for our superlative-filled review of Art of Flight next Wednesday, once we've seen it in full cinematic glory.


Moore Park, Cinema Paris

Broadway - Hoyts

Macquarie - Event Cinemas

Erina - Hoyts

Byron Bay - Dendy Cinemas

Campbell Town - Event Cinemas


Canberra - Dendy Cinemas


Carlton - Cinema Nova

South Yara (jam Factory) - Village Cinemas

Southland - Village Cinemas


Indooroopilly - Event Cinemas

Curtis Morgan filming for Art of Flight in Jackson Hole, WY, USA, January 2nd, 2011. Image:: Danny Zapalac/Red Bull Content Pool

Travis Rice in action in Alaska, USA, on 3 May 2010. Image:: Scott Serfas/Red Bull Content Pool

Travis Rice in action in Jackson Hole, WY USA, January 2nd, 2011. Danny Zapalac/Red Bull Content Pool

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