Blog 3 – Stories From The Belly of Stylewars

August 31st, 2009

By Mark Catsburg

Photos By Sean Raddich


God knows how many of those delicious bastards were consumed by the Stylewars conglomerate over the last four days while stuck inside due to weather. This blog should be called “Tales from the beer belly of Stylewars.” They got the best of a few of the riders today it seemed, because the sun came out and everyone finally got the chance to actually do some snowboarding, hungover snowboarding, and for a few kids mainly just hungover chilling, and maybe a little snowboarding.

Finally Some Snowboarding

That’s right it happened, after almost a week of snow, wind, rain, intense potentially life ruining dice games (Jye Kearney played with the bull and got reamed by the horns a few times) the weather finally gave us a break at the last minute, so that the real reason everyone was here (to snowboard) could go ahead. Mother Nature saved the day. Thanks Mum.

I don’t know if you guys know this but snowboarding is just a little bit ridiculous at the moment. That was by no means a small jump and I’ll save you and myself the trouble of listing tricks if you want to know what happened you will watch the clips going around. But lets just say if you saw either a switch back 12 or a double cork back 12 go down in real life it would be fair to say that you would be at least a little bit impressed. What makes it more impressive is that most of the riders performing these feats of death defying circus moves did so with little to no sleep and minds cloudier than the weather up here for the whole damn week.

Somebody won, someone came second, another dude got best trick, everyone got a few burgers from the barbeque for lunch, most probably everyone drunk a couple red bulls each, most probably everyone tried to hit on the Red Bull girls a couple times, especially if they hadn’t gotten that out of the system the night before. Rail manoeuvres, gigantic log tapping spin arounds, wall-riding rodeos, tyre incorporated miller flips, more red bulls, few more 1080’s and then that was it. Stylewars over. Bloody good day all round.


Here is 5 Perfectly good reasons to get obliterated at Stylewars before the final day of riding:

1: The sun hasn’t shown its pretty face in four days.
2: “It’s probably going to rain tomorrow anyway.”
3: This competition is sponsored by Corona.
4: The world premiere of Sandbox’s new flick “Shine On” is playing at Man Hotel, featuring Ryan Tiene, and some hiphop artists are playing after that.
5: “You don’t know anyone here, so you can get away with murder!” (Sean Balmer – Stylewars Filmer)

I don’t think anyone needed any more reasons, but they surely would have come up with some if they needed to. People were already well on their way at dinner, and well relaxed after free massages (and squiddy’s). So after some hectic dice games, more Captain Morgan skulling, and various other conspicuous acts of delinquence, The Man was invaded by a hoard of drunken snowboarders once again. The bar scene was as expected, the Red Bull girls were under a constant barrage of advances and the bar staff had their work cut out for them. The video was played and there was well deserved applause all round, swiftly followed by more attacks on the bar and the Red Bull girls, who get paid to hang around in bars offering free product to intoxicated gentlemen…

Someone Call The Cops

After the doors closed and the masses were ejected from the premises, the party continued back to the lodgings, and didn’t slow down until the arrival of the police officers and a broken window made people open their mostly closed eyes, then attempt to shut them for a few hours before being awoken to the first taste of sunshine, and the aftertaste of a night full of regrets (or not depending on what part you played in the whole ordeal or took home a Red Bull girl). A few people didn’t make it out of bed to do any snowboarding, the ones that did crushed it.

That’s it. Props to Sebastien Toutant, 16 year old winner of Stylewars 09, and the youngest little ripper to win this comp so far. I leave you with a quote via a phone conversation right next to me, which pretty much sums up the Styelwars event this year…

“I sent it in the bar, and got real drunk that’s why I couldn’t do a double cork on the jump – Stylewars 09” – Charles Beckinsale.


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