Clint Allan – Knee Surgery Photos

July 7th, 2009


The Clint Chronicles – God’s Biggest F**k Up

So hear it is – my first blog for the new mag Transfer! Actually my first blog ever and it is unfortunately going to be on a subject in this sport of ours that is far too familiar and the biggest fuck-up in Gods masterpiece that is the human body. I’m talking about the knee, or more precisely the ACL ligament inside the knee.

I have finally gone down the path that so many pros and punters like me before me and tore the little bastard only a few weeks ago while filming in the Idaho backcountry with my mates. The retarded thing is – it was on the outrun of a jump I landed. A dumb-arse mistake that has cut my season about two-months short and gotten me a first class ticket home thanks to my insurance company.

This is the photo from the jump I blew my knee on. Backside 540 Stalefish.
Photo: Justin L’Heureux

Not that I can complain about much, I mean I had one of the best surgeons in our country pretty much attack my knee with a knife and what looks like an ice cream scoop, cutting anything he could see, or that’s what it looks like in the video they gave me.

One huge benefit is the oxy cotton prescription that accompanies an ACL reconstruction. No one ever told me the pain I would be in after surgery, and because no one said it I honestly thought I would skip out of the surgery and be able to go about my life. Not The Case! Although the ridiculous amounts of morphine I was giving myself has been helping me along pretty nicely.

While I’m definitely not alone in the ACL department I now feel it – sitting at home 3 weeks after surgery as far away form the snow world as I’ve ever felt trying my best to keep motivated doing these stupid leg excises that I’m pretty fucking sure don’t do a thing except piss you off even more. All the while I’m paying far too much for physio treatment every second day to tell me things I already know. The one benefit that I have seen from seeing so many of my friends go through this injury is that it can be a great time to take a step back and see the ways you can improve your riding when you get back on snow whether it be more time in the gym or just less partying while you’re trying to shred.
I’m taking in a lot right now and look forward to distributing it here. Stay tuned.
PS: And of course the surf is fucking pumping as well!

WARNING: These photos could make you vomit


1.A chunk of hamstring is prepped as a new ligament by folding over 4 times.

2.The new ligamnet is prepared with stitches holding it together.

3.Now inside the knee and looking for damage on the joint surfaces. Notice on the right the frayed edges of the meniscus cartlidge.

4. Time to chop out the mess inside the knee with some miniature cutters.

5. A hole is drilled through the knee, see the drill coming through in the middle of the joint

6. The new ligament is pulled through the hole and tension tested inside the knee.

7.Back outside, the new ligament is pulled through.

8. The new ligament is screwed into the shin bone.

9.One last clean out with Saline.

10.Stitch up the hole and Bob’s your Uncle!.. Actually Bob is Clint’s dad.

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