Countdown to the Waengl Taengl 2010

March 11th, 2010


The Waengl Taengl is renowkned around the globe for its skate inspired “end section”. Every year course designers create a different end section for the slopstyle event. This is the 2010 Red Bull end-section in its final stages of building – looking shralpable. Photo: by Christian ‘Eli’ Eber

Mayrhofen, 10-13 March 2010

A few days to go and Mayrhofen in Tirol will be on fire! The Ästhetiker Jam/Wängl Tängl is on once again with the best European snowboarders, skateboarders and artists.

‘Old dogs’ like Stefan Gimpl, Peter Stroem, Tonton Holland or Steve Gruber together with ‘young guns’ like Alex Walch, Ethan Morgan or Georg Huber are some of the riders who are battling in the ‘Gang Jam’. The Vans Penken Park with the unique ‘Red Bull Endsection’ promises to make the riders go crazy making this snowboard comp a very unique happening. At the ‘Game of Skate’ the best Austrian skaters have announced to show their best ‘flat tricks’. On top of it live streetart performances and top-class dj’s are making this years Waengl Tangle a mind blowing happening.

‘Young Guns’ and ‘Old Dogs’ riding together in the Gäng Jam
In the Gang Jam Snowboard Team Contest on the mountain talented young guns have the unique opportunity to ride together with international Snowboard Pros like Stefan Gimpl, Peter Ström, Reto Kestenholz, Chris and Rudi Kroell, Scott McMorris, Lukas Blaser, Yannick Sleeckx, Valérian Ducourtil or Joonas Mustonen to compare their skills with ‘Old Dogs’ like Steve Gruber or Beckna. It definitely will be exciting when big names like David Benedek or Pascal Imhof ride together with the best European ‘young guns’ for fame and honor performing their best tricks. Especially interesting will be the show in the ‘Red Bull Endsection’ where it is about style and technical moves.

‘Game of Skate’, Streetart at its best and legendary party’s in the valley
Renowned skateboarders like Andreas Fugger, Reini Ritsch, Stefan Klausner or Oliver Gordon have announced to come up with their best flat tricks at the ‘Gäme of skate’ in the areaway between the staircases of the ‘Penkenbahn’ in Mayrhofen. As everyone knows, there is no Ästhetiker jam without a skate jam for that reason thrilling entertainment is guaranteed especially because of the arena-like location where the skate jam is carried out.
During the Waengl Taengl the winter garden of the Scotland Yard Pub is transformed to an art studio where everyone can watch live art performances. Besides the street artists of the Permanent-Unit, the designer of the new ‘Gruba Libre’ Snowboard, Franz-Nikolaus Scheichenost from the ‘Atzgerei’ crew is present. The option is at hand to watch the artists doing their work whilst designs for the new Aesthetiker products get created.
The nightly Aesthetiker party program with good old friends is taking care of fat beats and good party Aection. Flip from Texta and ‘Herr Preddy’ are on the decks and highlight is the final ceremony with the turntable show of the Waxolutionists on Friday in the Arena in Mayrhofen.

Waengl Taengl Photo Contest

Don’t forget! At the Waengl Taengl Photo Contest everyone can upload the best pictures of the Waengl Taengl 2009. Simply register on and off you go. The best pictures get prizes from RED BULL, HOTZONE, THE SEEKER, Vans, die Ästhetiker, the Tourism Board Mayrhofen and the ‘Mayrhofner Bergbahnen’.

About the Aesthetiker…’: Made in Austria!

A crew of young boardsports enthusiasts from all parts of Austria unites at the beginning of the nineties to realise that besides their passion for ‘shredding’, their attitude towards life absolutely corresponds. To express this point of view, a crew is founded and every member writes the crew´s name ‘die Ästhetiker…’ on their snow, skate and surfboards. Meanwhile fifteen winters have passed and snowboarding reached a ‘grown up’ status. The big hype is gone, everything is organized and focused – structured training is what it’s about with a corresponding evaluation afterwards! So what happened to the ‚Ästhetiker’ in these recent times? While a few ended their active career, others are still fully on the throttle; Steve Gruber for instance who had the title of the vice world halfpipe champion in 1999 is still filming his video parts every year – only now on his very own Ästhetiker Snowboard, the ‘Gruba Libre’! Wolle Nyvelt received a sensational recognition in 2008 with the ‘Transworld Snowboarding Rider of the Year’ award. The biggest honour for a snowboarder nowadays went herewith for the first time to Austria! And amongst other things, Wolle came up with a complete innovation: his self made ‘ÄSMO Powsurfers’, which are boards ridden in powder snow without bindings! That’s how the crew evolved to a small core brand besides the mainstream perceptions, a ‘think tänk’ for innovative ideas and products from Austria. Besides the production of snowboards, a small streetwear label takes care of the necessary output for ideas in the fashion design segment.

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