DEW VIDEO BATTLE – Teams Hustling Hard To Get Ready For Deadline

July 19th, 2012

Filming of the Dew Video Battle wraps up this weekend as teams have to meet their submission deadline of Sunday at midnight. In the scramble for the finish line, teams are hoping to land those last hammer tricks to get their video over the line.

Transfer Snowboard Magazine | Alex Cameron

Pete Long knows how to get it done. Team Flux is looking pretty good.

In exciting news, the judging panel has been announced: Mel Simmons, Russ Holt, Gigi Ruf and Nicolas Muller. It is hugely exciting that such high profile international riders are on board to judge the event.

Cameras are out!.

The premiere of the videos for riders, filmers and friends will be at the Jindabyne Sports and Bowling Club on Wednesday 25 July. Beginning on Thursday 26 July, the films will be available online.

Jeremy from Olliepop Films pushing on through the rain to get the final shots for Team DC.

Check out the teams here.

Soon it’ll be down to the filmers in the editing suite to finish the job.

“Yeah, ours has come together pretty good.” Tom Reilly of Team Flux.

Jeremy Burns and Mark Armadio have been hard at it. These guys have been slaying the Perisher Park of late as well – Team Nomis is looking pretty good.