Jeremy Jones – Filming in Antarctica

November 20th, 2009


Teton Gravity Research is proud to announce a partnership with Jeremy Jones on a two-year snowboard project titled Deeper. The legendary eight-time Big Mountain Rider of the Year winner has been working with TGR since its inception in 1996. Jones and the TGR Team have spent the last 15 years pioneering first descents in remote mountain ranges around the world and documenting them on film. “We started the company in the mountains and we have always stayed true to the big mountain side of the sport when the rest of the world was moving in a different direction. This collaborative film effort with Jeremy will be the first of its kind; a true pure riding film made deep in the mountains,” says TGR co- founder Todd Jones.
Jeremy and many other top freeriders including Jonaven Moore, Travis Rice and Xavier De La Rue will travel to remote ranges around the world as they attempt to push Big Mountain Riding to the next level.

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“Deeper” teaser: