Preview – 2010 Photo Book

April 27th, 2010


A sneak peek at our inaugural Photo Book – out this Wednesday August 11, 2010. Only $9.99AUD.

In this collector’s hard-cover edition of Transfer you’ll find 132 pages filled with 6 photographic features. Those 6 features represent 6 of the finest snowboard photographers in the world and in the Southern Hemisphere (Down Under) snowboard scene.

Each Photographer was given 3 months to come up with a ‘body of work’ that encapsulates to them what snowboarding is. They were asked to tell a story through their images, to inspire us through their lens.

All came back with incredible submissions each in their own right. The editing process was a real bitch, but this what separates a good magazine to a collector’s edition – only the best photos will do.

The photographers and their works are:

Johnny McCormack ­­- The Cloud Piercer
Johnny spent 3 days on top of NZ riding powder in November and exploring the glaciers of The Tasman.

Scott Serfas – The Proving Grounds
Scott Serfas captures the incredible talents of Australia’s Ryan Tiene in just 2 days out in the Whistler backcountry, as he sets himself on a trajectory into the snowboarding stratosphere.

Greg Roebucks – Finding Nirvana
“Roebucks” shares his secret Nirvana with his travelling kiwi mates and now you, in the spiritual Northwest USA.

Matt Georges – Im-Possible
A lifetime of trial and error with Polaroid film has led Matt to produce a near impossible array of snowboarding Polaroid shots featuring portraits and action shots around the globe.

Vaughan Brookfield ­- Dream Chasers
Vaughan explores the road us Down Under riders now too well – the eternal winter, back-to-back’s north to south on the never ending winter merry-go-round.

Jake McBride – Reveling In Stoke
Jake takes out a 19th century camera to document the ghostly resort town of Revelstoke, BC on the 100-year anniversary of the worst avalanche in Canada’s history.

Cover: Will Jackways. Photo: Johnny McCormack