Results Hotham Banked Slalom presented by Capita

August 17th, 2010


Over eighty people took on The Mt Hotham Banked Slalom on Saturday. Some last minute snow and great work by the Hotham events crew allowed the event to be run at it’s spiritual home on Gunbarrel. The Coarse was a real challenge and I’m pretty sure most of the eighty five competitors crashed at least once. The gates were tight, the snow was hard and fast and for some of the day you couldn’t see that well either but the vibes were good.

Competitors came from everywhere and were of all ages and skill levels. From nine year old Tamara Cowley to Olympians Chumpy Pullin and Ben Mates, local legends and snowboarders who only get two or three days a year on the snow. Times ranged from under a minute to well over two minutes. Some competitors were hungry for the win with first place winning a flight to Mt Baker and entry into the Legendary Baker Banked Slalom but for most the day was more about beating your own expectations or beating your mates.

After a really fun days shredding every one headed to the General for a beer a BBQ and presentations.
In the end Alex ” Chumpy” Pullin won by 0.69. got his name engraved on the perpetual trophy and scored the flight and entry into the Baker Banked Slalom.
Good luck at Baker Chumpy!




Under 16 womens

1st – Tess Critchlaw – 1:06.09
2nd – Shayna Goodwin – 1:07.04
3rd – Clare Pelly – 1:24.82

Under 16 mens

1st – Nick Grey – 1:01.08
2nd – Fischer Richardson – 1:01.23
3rd – Bailey Teague – 1:08.68


1st – Jade Critchlaw – 1:04.05
2nd – Pheobe Munroe 1:05.62
3rd – Alex Lockie 1:06.08


1st – Alex Pullin 57.28
2nd – Ben Mates 57.97
3rd – Mark Cowley 59.02