Sean McCormick Interview

April 6th, 2010

Sean Mccormick, Videograss filmer, Bubble Boy, Team Thunder founder and all around swell fellow, talks to Transfer about Tasmanians, comment boards, urinals, filming in 3-D and being on the cover of Snowboarder Magazine (USA)!?.
Read on people.

Interview by Mark Catsburg

Sean and LNP knuckling up together before heading for some Denny’s and truck driving.

Transfer: Hi sean, you’re a filmer, so nobody knows who the hell you are, so why don’t you tell us all why you are on this snowboarding website and why am I interviewing you?

That’s a good question, are we done yet?

Cut the crap Bubbles.

Yeah I’m pretty popular in snowboarding, other than the fact people only know my name, and those people are photographers. They all hate me cause I get in the way.

Like, “Hey Sean I saw you on the cover of snowboarder mag! You were in the shot idiot!” That kind of thing? (True Story)
Exactly, except Bob (Plumb) doesn’t care much. I’m clearly his good luck guy.

So Australian Jan Snarski is filming alongside you this year, he must have lied his way in there very well, does he get up on your angles? Is he the Sean McCormick to your Bob Plumb?

I think Jan drank his way into this job? No I dunno. When I’m filming with Jan I will stand in the worst angle I possibly could find, hurry and run to the car to “grab something” and then I’ll come back just to see if he has tried to copy that angle. That’s when you know how good a filmer really is.

Typical Tasmanian…

And then he’ll threaten to kill me if I tell anybody, so don’t tell anybody this.

Nobody will ever know. Being Australian, does Jan have a hard time fitting in?

He’s not Australian. He’s Tasmanian. It’s different, and no I think he fits right in with all the other shit bags.

Shit bags, as in the VG crew or just the filmers?

No no no all the filmers are legit. I’m talking snowboarders

How will we tell your shots from Jan’s in the next flick?

Well mine will be above par and Jan’s will be below. His might have a bit of blur on them

Where are you now?

I’m cold chillin, Salt Lake City.

So where did VG take you this season so far, and are you done yet?

Not done yet, I film through till May. I’ve been all over this year, to Minnesota, to Sweden, and back to some secret spots. No big deal. Shit has been good, I’ve still got a couple trips in me till the season is over, and some park fun in Bear. Should be a nice end of the year. I hope Jan comes out to LA during the Bear shoot and has another 2-week binge.

Snowboarding veteran / legend / onsite stand-up comedian Mikey Leblanc has something to do with Video Grass Films, can’t remember what, maybe ya better watch the flicks to find out.

I remember when I would ride with you and the Team Thunder people, we would get a lot of admiration and encouragement from the chairlift, people screaming things like “emo” and “Faggot” to spur us on, and generally give us some positive criticism on the tightness of our slacks. Now that you are out filming with a whole bunch of tight panted art type snowboarders, does that kind of encouragement still exist, like do you run across different film crews ie: FODT and still get congratulated for “wearing girls pants?”

Actually funny thing, the only guy that will do that kind of stuff to your face now is our own Bob Plumb. I know that every time a video gets posted on a website that has a comment board it’s a guarantee that the first 3 comments will be about the clothing, it’s never about the snowboarding. Idiots.

Yeah it’s amazing, comment boards are the most entertaining, yet depressing thing about snowboarding right now. Good example, the Krew vs Commune debate on the Ashbury blog.
That was the best thing I’ve ever been a part of. I love that comment board.

Do you ever have your own 2 cents? Sean Anonymous?
Ya fuck those emo faggots. That’s my 2 cents, and the wiggers.

Haha, if Transfer had a comments board, that 2 cents would probably be worth about thirty five bucks in a week or so.
Is VG going to top the charts?
Hell ya man! We’ve got some heavy hitters. But I guess that means nothing to lots of people.


You mean you didn’t build a jump ramp in the shape of a V and a rail coming off it shaped like a G? Cause that makes a movie what it is!
Ya we tried, we didn’t have that budget. I can’t wait till everybody sees our video this year, we spent the entire budget on 3-D cameras. Should be a new stepping stone for snowboarding.

Can’t wait. Does the movie have a name this year?
It does, “Bon Voyage.”

Is that a farewell or a beginning of a journey?
We aren’t going anywhere.

You have been with this crew for 2 years now, what does filming for VG mean to you at this stage, has it gone past ripping off what Shelby Menzel (Love/Hate, Burning Bridges.) did 5 years ago? More people probably should.
It means a lot, I’ve been doing this for a long time, I am having an amazing time doing it and I love being a part of something like VG, if I wasn’t doing VG I wouldn’t be filming snowboarding. It’s far different than what Shelby did. Unlike Shelby, Justin (Meyer) likes snowboarding.

Can we talk about Will Tuddenham? (Old pal from Salt Lake, Team Thunder member and all around good guy.) How’s he hanging in there this year?
He’s hanging in there, he just got back from his first snowmobiling trip ever, he had a rough time but got shit done. He is sitting on my bed reading me type this right now, he has an extremely sunburnt nose. He’ll have an insane part in one of the biggest snowboard videos of the year and probably will get dropped by someone that doesn’t pay him. Shows how fucking retarted snowboarding is.

Last years VG Teaser – lap it up cause VG are not letting you see anything this year you whiny spoilt E-generation.

Will VideoGrass have a teaser we can put up on this site?
Amigo, VG isn’t releasing a teaser anytime soon, we have a teaser that we showed at the trade shows, but we won’t be putting it online. It will go on for maybe 24 hours on our site only at some point, so people will just have to check our site to see. Kids get too much shit for free and take it for granted so when they only get limited time on our teaser it makes it more exclusive and better in lots of ways.

Build the hype by word of mouth… If I was a nerd who couldn’t snowboard as good as the other kids, but still wanted to “be a part of the scene” what camera should my mum buy me? Or what are you using, to be more matter of fact.
You’re an asshole. I’m telling you man, 3-D! No buy an HVX-200, Panasonic.


You have been to NZ before, and that shit was righteous, think you will make it daaaown auuuundaa again to see our rubbish bins, salt and pepper and try some chocolate chip bikkies?
Haha I would love to come down there man, I’m thinking Australia next time. How does that sound? I love my self some fish and chips.

You blew it we only have shrimp on the barbie here. What was your favourite thing about coming out here? Our weird urinals?
My favorite thing about down under was definitely not pissing on a metal tray. I’m down with the left side driving.

What was the best question you ever got in an interview?
Hmm… I would have to say, “why am I giving a you an interview since you are a filmer and nobody knows who you are?” ass hole.

Are cig smoking shots the new posing in front of brick walls and big car shots?
Haha no it’s all about disgusting shit, like shitting on camera.

Is that going to be in VG or is that going to be some 1817? vs CD shit?

I’m sure its gonna be in the Transworld and Forum movie this year.

Gross. sickos. Ok maybe one more, who are the new little bastards to watch out for next season?

Eithan Diesse, Sean Black, Alex Andrews. (Watch them in “The Leak” dropping online here for free, next week.)

Alright Sean, thanks very much can’t wait to see your work, and Jans.

Later Muchacho.

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