Shaun White’s New Halfpipe tricks VIDEO

November 6th, 2009

Pipe freaks start frothing. Red Bull have released the videos of Shaun White’s new tricks on their website.

His new tricks were learnt with the aid of his very own private halfpipe that cost Red Bull a reported $400,000USD and included a foam pit to get tricks dialed in before attempting to land them.
This is going to open a huge debate in snowboarding…
After all how credible is a snowboarder when he gets this kind of advantage over all other shredders and uses a foam pit to learn his tricks. Is it now gymnastics? Is everyone competeing so hard and focused so hard to defeat others that they are using any advantage possible. The lack of style at this level is a major concern.

On the other hand…

Shaun White has been progressing the sport for over a decade and now he has used his resources available to leap frog snowboarding progression well beyond where it could have been without a foam pit and such a sick session. No doubt lots of other riders will be throwing down hard with no foam pit to keep up. Hence forcing the sport to go to the next level.

His new tricks are:
Front ten double cork
Switch backside 900 cork
Double Backside Rodeo
Cab double cork ten