Snowboard Bag Test – TSOA

February 9th, 2010

Burton Wheelie Board Case

3CS Featherlite Wheelie Board bag

Words: Paul Colby

As down under shredders, we travel a hell of a lot to satisfy our snowboard itch. So more than any other snowboarders on the planet – we as a group need a bloody good boardbag to go the distance. There is no hiding the fact that it costs a lot to snowboard the world, so here at Transfer Snowboard Mag we have developed the “Transfer Stamp Of Approval” (TSOA).

The TSOA is only awarded to products that we feel are worthy of your hard earned cash, a TSOA is something that cannot be bought, it can only be earned. So you can feel safe in the knowledge that any product that we have awarded a TSOA, has gone through rigorous testing to separate the men from the boys.

The Board Bags tested:

Burton Wheelie Board Case (RRP$299.95)
3CS Featherlite Wheelie Board bag (RRP$189.95)

There is nothing worse than buying a brand new snowboard bag only to have a wheel fall off just as your mum drops you off at the airport. The two bags we tested from Burton and 3CS are two of the most popular selling board bags available on the market.

The Transfer Test:

The testing procedure for the board bags was simple, exaggerate the normal wear and tear a bag is going to endure during it’s life. Now unless you normally use your board bag as trailer or like to drop it from high places, then I think it is safe to say, we abused these bags.

How did they hold up? Check the video to see if we awarded the first ever TSOA


Essential Features to a Board Bag:

There are a couple of key features that you should be looking for in any board bag, and the first is wheels. Don’t be cheap, get wheels, we guarantee you won’t regret the decision when dragging your gear through customs after a 12-hour flight, or walking to your accommodation from the Greyhound bus stop in 2-foot of fresh snow. Another welcome addition to the board bag is the internal strap, so you can hold your board in place and avoid it moving around and getting damaged. The final feature to look for is quality zips, if anything is going to ruin your trip it is having your gear scattered all over the airport baggage carousal. Before trying to drag it half open through Customs with no wheels. These two bags have all these ‘must-have’ features, plus they go above and beyond by providing extra protection on the base of the bag, and quality handles and straps for your lugging pleasure.

  • Good Wheels
  • Internal Shoulder strap
  • Handle strap
  • Quality sturdy zippers
  • Reinforced padding on the base of the bag.

Essentials to packing a Board Bag:

When loading a board bag remember to pack just the essentials, there is no point loading in all your gear and then getting to the check in, and being 20kg overweight. Most international flights you can check in two bags, so try and spread the luggage love between your board bag and your travel bag. Even if you have only one bag and it weights more than 25kg they will still want to make you pay, plus technically a board bag, or “sports equipment” bag is only meant to have “sports equipment”, not a weeks worth of undies. So you are better off taking two bags and spreading the weight.
Both the Burton and 3CS board bags will fit the basics easily;

  • One to two boards
  • A pair of boots
  • A set of bindings
  • and a set of outerwear.

The Burton Wheelie Board Case will hold a little more than the 3CS Featherlite Wheelie Board bag, however more is not always better, as we have mentioned above.

The technical information about the Burton Wheelie Board Case (RRP$299.95) and 3CS Featherlite Wheelie Board bag (RRP$189.95) can be found on their websites.