Snowmaking Kicks off at Falls Creek

June 7th, 2010

Falls Creek has been making snow through the night temperatures at around -2.4 degrees. Snowmaking began at 7.30pm Sunday and with The overnight low expected to drop to minus 4 degrees for each of the next couple of days the week is looking good for more snowmaking.

“We’ve been waiting for the optimum snowmaking conditions so we can get some white stuff on the ground ahead of the snow storm heading our way this week” says Geoff Sorensen Slope Maintenance Manager.

“Falls Creek made snow a few weeks ago, testing the system ready for the pre winter snowmaking sessions” says Sorensen “the automated snow guns worked well, we charged the system, the temps dropped and the guns made snow automatically. They are a very efficient snow gun, producing large amounts of snow with reduced energy input”.

Falls Creek expanded the snowmaking system over summer adding to one of the largest systems in Australia with over 110 hectares of snowmaking. We now have over 230 snowguns throughout the resort. This allows Falls Creek to open earlier and have the best possible snow cover throughout the season through to the end.

Falls Creek was one of the first ski resorts to install snowmaking with over $10m spent since its inception. A large crew work throughout winter covering a 24 hour shift, seven days a week.

Snow is made from pure water forced skywards through high pressure snow guns in freezing conditions (-2 degrees wet bulb minimum temperature requirement). The droplets of water crystallise and the snow that falls to the ground is the same as natural snow. The quality of man-made snow can be varied according to temperature, humidity, and the amount of water put through the gun.

See the snowmakers’ efforts on the live snow cams and keep up to date with the forecasts and snow reports

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