Spare Change Premiere Photos

June 11th, 2010

The Aussie Young-guns movie Spare Change has just held their premiere in Melbourne check the pics and words.

Words by Filmer | Editor of Spare Change: Shaun Belmore

The night started off at 4.30 pm at the strike bowling lounge. The crowds started rollin’ and the beers started pourin’. The place was empty, except for the hundred fifty plus people waiting for the premiere to begin. Every TV screen in the place was lit up. The movie started and the rest of the spectators shuffled in, and to their astonishment, they found the most epic low budget flick they had ever seen.

Eyes were glued, and sighs of shock hushed the venue. The film’s stars and friends cheered and when it was all over, there was much celebration to be had. I had a skateboard donated to me from Fyve, which all the riders signed and was then raffled out to one lucky ticket holder. Also, Dragon generously donated a few t-shirts to raffle off, as well as Flux providing a couple pairs of headphones.

I would say it went beautifully as smiles were seen all around following the movie showing. But most importantly, the urge to get on the mountain followed the movie, which for me proves a successful premiere. When it wrapped up at Strike, the crowd moved across the street to Blue bar for the afterparty. Luckily we made a bit of profit on ticket sales, which was then spoiled on a bar tab hardly before I got to the bar. Awesome night. Thanks to all the friends and family who came to support the movie.

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Watch the Teaser:

Official Blurb from official dudes:

“On Saturday the 5th of June, SnowFox Event Management hosted Shaun Belmore’s film Spare Change which premiered at Strike Bowling bar on Chapel Street in Melbourne Victoria. There was a great turnout of over 100 to support the film and its featuring riders. A mixed crowd of young and old sat throughout the bowling booths as Spare Change was played for the first time publicly on every screen in the building. Rob Stagg and the Ballistyx team rolled up to cover the event and have a chat to the up and coming riders while a proud Robbie Walker watched on nursing his new son Seb through the film.

The end of the movie stirred up an applause and congratulations from all as give aways and prizes were thrown out to some eager boarders; thanks to FYVE Boards one lucky ticket holder scored a New Skateboard and Beanie. Moving across the road for the after party to Blue Bar separated the men from the boys as the Producers and Crew celebrated a huge success with drinks and a laugh.

A second premier is rumored to be in planning for Jindabyne and the NSW Riders. Copies of “Spare Change” are available for purchase, just get in contact with Shaun at