Summer Alternatives Mixed Tape

January 19th, 2010

Beats, Rhymes, Backflips, Skateboarding & Aerosol – Last weekend at Westyde Connection.
Using the talents of DJ Izm and vocals of tom thumb.

Sometimes ya just need a break from heading overseas to go snowboarding. Whether your excuse is a financial burden, the need for a full Aussie summer or ya just couldn’t be stuffed and you need to get ya feet back on the ground. Places like the Westsyde Connection make summer worth staying for.

The Westsyde Connection in Sydney is a shop/compund/art house/music haven/graf zone/skate zone that’s been created by a couple of long time Thredbo snowboard legends and industry heavy handers. Once Managers of Balmoral Boards Snowboard Shop in Sydney the boys have got their shit together and are ramping up their summer and making it happen for the city of Sydney.

Make sure you check out their set-up if you are in Sydney.

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