Torah Bright Injured at X-Games

January 29th, 2010

Cooma NSW born, Torah photographed at her home last year in Salt lake City. Torah is known as being the most progressive women’s halfpipe snowboarder in history. Photo: Jake McBride

Australia’s top chance for Snowboarding medal at the upcoming Winter Olympics has sustained multiple concussions at the Winter X-Games in Aspen Colorado.

Details of the injuries are vague, but she was said to have suffered repeated concussions during the practice sessions of the Winter X-Games Superpipe, where there was rumour she was planning to be the first woman snowboarder in history to throw the elusive new trick the “double-cork” during competition.

Torah has bowed out of the event and is currently seeking medical attention at a Colorado hospital. The exit from this years event means she will not be defending her Gold Medal she won at the same event last year.

The elusive Double-Cork trick (which is a double flip with more than one full rotation) has sparked a controversial debate in the USA these past few months after this new ‘must have new trick for the Olympics’ caused the demise of one of the worlds top halfpipe snowboarders Kevin Pearce. Kevin suffered a serious head injury while practicing the trick just before Christmas and is still in intensive rehab recovery. It is unlikely if he will snowboard competitively ever again.

Hopes are with Torah that she will recover and be up charging for the 2010 Olympic Games next month. Whether she goes for the double-cork again, we’ll all just have to wait and see.

Torah throwing a method grab in the X-Games Superpipe practice yesterday before injuring herself and pulling out of the event. Photo: ESPN

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