Tracking Eero – BC Webisode 1

December 17th, 2009


“Again my first time doing something. First time on a heli! Me, Danny Kass and Torstein Horgmo had a big mission of hitting POW jumps in Pemberton BC. It was such a cool and motivated crew to ride with. The snow was pretty shallow on some spots and I hit like 3 rocks on my trip and hit a big ass tree with my leg.

We also found some really good jumps a bit lower in the woods and got some tricks! I was super stoked to just be out there scoping and building jumps and finally trying to get my powder legs back on. Our crew stayed at this crazy lodge on the mountain for 8 days. And Torstein even set up his own barbers shop and cut my super crazy hair. That was a funny shoot for sure.

And we had a huge help from the Backcountry Snowcats drivers that helped us build jumps with badass snow cat, kind of cheating but saved as a lot of hours, ha-ha!”

Eero Ettala