VIDEO – Nate Johnstone Interview

July 9th, 2010


Nate Johnstone was the hard luck story of the Vancouver Winter Olympics. Having done more than enough to secure a spot on the Australian Olympic halfpipe snowboard team Nate unfortunately broke his ankle only weeks before the big event practicing a new double-cork trick for his Olympic run on an air-bag.

Nate’s riding before the accident was impressive, frontside double-cork 1080’s, amazing cab 1080’s that he spun flat and stylish way above the heads of the best pro’s in the world who were fast taking notice of this kid from Mona Vale NSW. By the start of 2010 many felt Nate’s outstanding rise meant he was a real chance for a top ten finish and a possible medal if the cards fell his way on the day. But unfortunately the cards didn’t fall his way and the broken ankle meant Nate was left to watch the Olympic halfpipe event like everyone else – from a friend’s couch in Sydney over a couple of beers.

Transfer sat down with Nate at his family home in Mona Vale just before he departed for a Bali surf trip. We chatted about all things; broken ankles, shattered dreams, the 2014 winter Olympics in Russia and what he has planned for the upcoming season.

Interview by | Paul Colby