VIDEO – Scotty James Exclusive Interview

February 12th, 2010

Scotty James is ready to show the world what he can do.

Australia’s pint sized half pipe Olympian doesn’t have a game plan for the forthcoming Vancouver Games but he’s out to get some attention.

Speaking to’s Steve Lee from his training base in Salt Lake City, the 15 year old, who is the youngest male Olympic half pipe rider in history, says he’s been working on getting height in the pipe and while he hasn’t earmarked any particular competitor to beat in the Olympic half pipe event on 17 February he doesn’t want to come last.

Wherever he comes, his participation in the Games is a massive achievement for the Victorian teenager, who stepped into the team when Australian number one half pipe rider Nate Johnstone broke his leg in late January. While an Olympic berth so early in his career is a great gift, it’s more than deserved, says James’ coach Ben Bright.

Bright, who also coaches Australia’s top female snowboarder Torah Bright (his sister), says he saw James’ potential from an early age.

“He has the natural feel,” says Bright, who has taken James on the World Cup tour since early 2009 in order to bring him to the point he is now at – an Olympic half pipe rider.

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