A Home For Freeriders At Falls Creek

August 26th, 2009

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With roots deep in our rise to becoming ‘Australia’s Freeride Capital’ – through famous SnowParks, Events and Local Spirit – the Summit Heartcore is again pushing further development of Action Sports in the form of an Epic Balance Lodge at Falls Creek.

With over a decade of Concept Engineering by Peter Corney [pc], one of our long-time local freeriders, a working model of the Epic Balance Lodge vision has been put together. Incorporating the old SnowDen / RimRock site between Astra and WinterHaven – the ‘home of the heart’ was made possible by the kind support of Terry Hanlon & Snowflake Investments. Until the site starts redevelopment into spectacular ‘SubZero’ apartments.

Similar in attraction to our SnowParks, VillageSk8Ramp and developing BikeTrails, the EpicBalanceLodge essentially acts as a magnet for action sport enthusiasts. The freeride balance training facilities inherent within the lodge, encourage creative individuals who live and visit to push their personal boundaries and increase balance and awareness through activity of body, mind and spirit. As well as promoting the elements of epic freeriding in our community.

The activity list in this Epic Balance Lodge model is very exciting to many international visitors. Consisting of an on-site Snow 1/4 Pipe and Jib run, Trampoline, Indoor Sk8 Ramp that doubles as a Creative Area for Yoga & Juggling etc, Foozball Table, Epicfreeride Gallery for inspiration, a Fireside Lounge for Movies and Musical Instruments, Tuning Room, Personal Living Spaces, Internet Surfing, Share Cook Kitchen and a soon-to-be Mini Climbing Wall. All very appealing.


It’s not hard to see why the concept is called Epic. Just the idea alone sparks excitement in many young people and is evident on an international scale through many disciplines of freeriding. Large companies such as Quiksilver, DC, RipCurl, Billabong, Burton & others, who are well represented at Falls Creek, have grown from a solid interest in this social direction. And the Balance Lodge model aim’s to trigger a wide range of support for this form of Hospitality and Education. To further develop Epic Balance concepts through sponsorship and infrastructure.

Part of the Epic Balance Lodge make up is the people who call it home. Professional Freeriders, Hospitality Masters, Elder Experience, Healing Hearts and Youthful Brilliance. A mix of characters and skills that balance the energies so everyone gains something valuable from each others experience. Sharing the group knowledge with visitors and our community. With the involvement of media and promotion, it often seems like the Balance House mates are living in an epic movie or a freeride reality show. It’s all very entertaining.

As a Balance Lodge concept model to engineer the best working systems, the ‘Home of the Heart’ opens opportunities for freeriders to congregate, study, learn, travel, network, teach, heal, practice, live, relax and inspire individual achievement in any type of challenge or weather. A place where balance is restored, encouraged and expanded.

While ‘the home of the heart’ is a private residence model of an Epic Balance Lodge. The Summit Heartcore have open sessions between midday and 2pm Saturdays and invite genuine individuals to come and check it out for just a small donation. Have a bounce or a sk8 and a peak inside the Epic House..

To support the Summit Heartcore and their Epic Balance Lodge concept simply sign up to epicfreeride.com or write to Epicscope PO Box 48 Falls Creek Vic.3699