Average result for Aussies in last SBX World Cup

January 22nd, 2010

Jan 21, 2010. SBX World Cup – Stoneham, CanadaOn the 21st of January Stoneham, Canada held the last World Cup Snowboardcross (SBX) event before the 2010 Winter Olympics. This event gave riders one last chance to qualify for the games and for the Australian’s Damon Hayler, Alex ‘Chumpy’ Pullin and Stephanie Hickey, it was one last chance to test the competition before the big event in February.

Let’s hope their performances at Stoneham are not an indication of what to expect from these riders come the Winter Olympics in February. Stephanie Hickey didn’t make the finals, falling on both of her two qualifying runs and giving herself a bad concussion. While Damon and Chumpy made the finals, both unfortunately came fourth in their first round heats. Damon’s final result was 20th overall, with Chumpy finished 25th overall. Both Damon and Chumpy will be looking at putting these results behind them and focusing on the games.

Frenchman Pierre Vaultier won the event, and in doing so secured his second career World Cup title, and the “favourite” status for gold in just under a month’s time. Graham Watanabe of the USA came second and secured himself a spot on the USA Snowboard Winter Olympics Team.

The women’s event was one by World Cup point’s leader Canadian Maselle Ricker, with Norwegian Helene Olafsen in second.

Words:: Paul Colby