Baw Baw’ding Seven – 2010 Finale

July 9th, 2010

There’s this little fun hill in Austraya… called Mt Baw Baw, only a couple hours shot from Melbourne – depending which side of the city you live.



The Baw Baw’din spring edition. Somehow we managed to squeeze out an EP in one day.

The bearded ciggie pack, Trotty deathy cheaty, Nate diggity dogg Orton and, lil bow wow – I mean Alex “chomps” Orton all pulling out some sweet moves on their ‘ski’ boards.

No double corks, no hand rails, no cliche “shots of the boys on the chair lift”, no 2013 boards, no bungee’s and for f**ks sake and thank god no GO PRO’s!!!

Thanks to everyone who made this happen.

Forum Snowboards who jumped on the band wagon without hesitation, without them i would probably still be at the bar sulking.

Chelle at Baw Baw for putting up with our late arrivals and general uselessness. All the park crew Tim, Al & Dan for their help, shaping, ideas and all round crucial input to thee season. Also all other Baw Baw staff, most of em helped out in some way, lifties and sorry to ski patrol for keeping your job interesting.

Last but not least, Transfer Magazine for making this happen from a little yellow bird converstion between the ‘Burg & Trash, which then bloomed into what Baw Baw’din is today.

Trash Films
To contact Trash email John Waddel:



The vandogs of Capita came to big ol’ Baw Baw and got a few things done….

Trotto cheated death many times and Nate dog gets the champion award for having to drive home alone at midnight.

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Whoa double rainbow! All the way across.
Gorillas in the mist, pole jammin, shaving the mossy rock monsters and waking up the new log ride for the season.
Michael Trotto wagged school to twist and shout for shits and goggles. Nate Orton crossed paths with us laid down some funs too! And a grand dining experience was had in Erica at hot rocks on thee path home, a must check out and dece-ender to any baw baw’ding day.

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Forum Snowboards presents episode 3, The Battle At Baw Baw.
Chillydogs, Irie Vibes, good times.




Baw Bawding gets naughty by nature! Trees rocks caterpillars and wierd neanderthal type humanoids.
Enjoy it like!



So in ep one of a winter-long series featuring Mr Mark Catsburg gets the early-season shred on with whoever fit in the car on the way up the hill – this time its Jackson Allen…

Filmed and edited by John Waddell at Trash Films:

Big thanks to the Mt Baw Baw crew.