Blog 2 – From the Belly of Stylewars 2009

August 31st, 2009

By Mark Catsburg


Natures Treachery

Wind. Definitely my least favourite of all the elements… absolute last place. Actually I think you would be hard pressed to find many people who would put it at the top of their list of preferred elements, with the exception of kite flyers or windsurfers. (Is that still a sport?) Wind is the weakest and worst member of captain planets entourage by far, and the only one of the elements that will ever lie to you. At least when its raining you know what to expect when you go outside, but it can look like a glorious day from your window, so you get outside to enjoy it only to have your dreams squashed by the treacherous wind.

It’s because of this that I have been at Stylewars for a couple days, and so far not much has happened to be honest. This morning the whole crew got a taste of what Stylewars is usually all about, the first sighting of an incredible park, hidden in a distant valley of the Falls creek mountain Resort, surrounded by a picturesque view of an icy lake and cross country trails ziggin and zaggin all over the place. We could see! The sun was coming and going, everyone took some warm up laps on the rails and the much talked about “big jump” got thoroughly checked out, much like every female at the bar the previous night. (There aren’t many.)

And then can you guess what happened? Why, the lifts shut down, in turn shutting Stylewars down for another day? Ooh you know it… wind. Ridiculously strong winds at that – treacherous. Everyone got towed behind sleds to catch the last available Pomma lift out of there, and that was the best part of the day. Praying for the weather to cut us a flippin’ break already.

Learning Stuff

What’s good about down days is that you get to enjoy long lunches, afternoon naps and you learn things. I learnt a thing or two from antiques road show, and how to make a quick and easy meal from ‘alive and cooking’ and that Russel Holt and Nick Gregory can create “you needed to be there” hilarity in the form of reacting a line from Blue Murder, word for word, at separate occasions.

I learnt that I need to see the movie Blue Murder…. (check out the clip from Blue Murder below)


Exactly 28 Stairs

Last night the rail comp took place. How many stairs you ask? 28. And I can tell you, quite confidently, because you sort of couldn’t miss the fact. The MC was quick to let everyone know the exact number of stairs there were, and even the after party was named “28 Stairs”.

Rail comps are a dime a dozen. But this particular one was most impressive. The foreign contingent did basically every trick ever, and when they ran out, I think they just started making ones up. Who ever heard of a switch backside inward 270? Down 28 stairs! If I hadn’t of seen it with my own eyes I would have told you to get right out of town. Another thing I can tell you is that the best trick was a frontside 450 by Canadian cool guy Mark Sollars, but only after he confirmed with other riders that it wasn’t “gay” did he let it loose on the stairs. The 450 usually is a little borderline as far as “cool” is concerned, but this one wasn’t, you will see the footage I’m sure.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you who won the rail jam, for two reasons.

A: It was a tie between two of the French Canadians, and
B: they were both wearing the same exact outfit, which I suspect may have been the reason the judges declared it a tie.

There were free Corona’s going around, so I don’t really blame them.


Mark Sollars from Canada made $1500 for his “are 450’s gay?” 450 gap to rail down the outer kink.


Australian Shredder Darragh Walsh testing the “you can only drink 48 Corona’s in one day” drinking limit at the after party.


Around 28 beers

And then there was the after party and there was lots of drunken dancing and trying to get to the bar was like swimming in a sea of tall tees. This was probably one of the tamer nights, not for some of those who were involved in late night hot tub fiasco’s with questionable women, but it seemed like everyone else bailed pretty early and went home to bed to pray for some sunshine.

It didn’t work, as I said earlier. But maybe tomorrow… For now it’s back to the bar for a premier of the new sandbox flick “Shine On,” which conveniently stars Stylewars competitors Ryan Tiene and Jake Koia, won’t they be happy.

Cross your fingers for some sun kids so we can tell you about 1440’s and double rodeos and who gets first second and third cause I know that’s what you want to hear anyway!

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