BLOG – Triple Corks Are Stupid

July 19th, 2010


Blog | Mark Catsburg.

Lets talk about triple corks. It’s the talk of most snowboard towns and slow chairlifts at the moment i imagine, so i might throw my hat in the ring on this one too. why not…

That kind of crept up out of the dark and smacked us right in the face don’t you think? Like the boyfriend of that girl you were making unbecoming advances to at the bar the other night… Here we are sitting there a little nervous about the rapid advancements of double corks, trying to suck it up and take it like a shot of cheap tequila, be a man about the whole thing etc. Sure some people can drink cheap tequila without a batter of an eyelid, and some of those people would actually think about attempting double corks.

So, you are getting over the doubles, and you are ok with it, then BOOM. Triples, like a punch in the back of the head in a dark alleyway from a jealous boyfriend. That shit sucks.

But i wonder just how worried everyone really is. If you are old enough to have followed snowboarding for a little while, say, the last olympics before the torah one, then maybe you won’t really be all that bothered. Are you tearing your hair out trying to figure out how to keep up? Well if you are then get down to your local airbag jump stat. But if you are just perplexed, but not losing sleep, then never fear.

Snowboarding has been through its many waves of progression over the years, i remember people losing their minds on 1080’s when kevin jones and some euro whose name i don’t remember did one at the whistler big air a few (many) years back. It was mental to see one in real life, unbelievable, they went around three times! Three! Nuts. And it was crazy, and cool, and the next season they were getting thrown out like old socks in the parks. Same with doubles, then 1440’s. Dude i remember when Peter Line did a cab 5 off a cornice but kind of dropped a shoulder on it and invented the underflip. Peoples minds were absolutely MELTED.

But now thats no big deal at all. Corked cab 5? Pffft.

Has the triple revolutionised snowboarding? No. All it does is keep people moving. It always gets to a point when you think “how can they do any more, go any bigger, frontboard more kinks or do longer rails?” and maybe someone won’t for a year or so, but then boom, something will happen, and there it is. the standard has now been reset. But only to a point. There will always be ridiculous manouvres out there, things that your mind simply couldn’t fathom trying, ever. But it’s not the end of the world.

Style is and always will be what matters. Ross powers won the olympics doing a 1440 or something, but nobody cared, his whole run he missed grabs or did them gross, jerked his body around a bunch and was just an eyesore in the pipe, forgotten. Then in the same comp was Heikki Sorsa rocking a fucking mohawk. I remembered that for sure. Do you think Devun Walsh is freaking out trying to learn triple corks right now? That guy has built an entire career and timeless video parts out of pretty standard tricks, front threes, switch back 1’s etc,  just done incredibly well.

I basically realise that i’m not saying all that much, so this rant is coming to an end, if you want to go kill yourself trying to keep up, then go ahead, just make sure it looks good the whole way around or in a year and a half nobody is going to care.

P.s: Kudos to Torstein though, he kept his one pretty good. I think maybe this whole blog is just to make me feel better about stopping at 720,

Keep it steezy. Thats it.