DCP Bonus Footage

January 16th, 2010

Power, Style & YES. Are three words that best describe DCP snowboarding. David-Carrier Porchean has been flying the style flag at full mast for Canadian snowboarding for many many years. From being one of the most progressive halfpipe riders in the world over 10 years ago, DCP has had a long and illustrious ride. From being part of the acclaimed Burton Uninc team with Gigi Ruff, JP Solberg and Romain Demarchi (amoung others) to absolutely owning many backcountry freestyle movie parts. DCP represents the true shredder and there is no doubt that he has the best switch backside 540 in the bizz.

DCP has proven he can ride anything and destroy everything through all ups & downs. After being dumped from Burton he and his co-dumps (JP Solberg and Romain DeMarchi) started YES SNOWBOARDS and the rest is history. This last season in order to kick off their fledgling snowboard company they put their own money where their mouth was and filmed with Absinthe Films “NEVERLAND”. They came up with one hell of a progressive and memorable section within an incredible movie (top 3 of the year) that would have caused some red-faces over at Burton Team management.

Romain has just released all the B-footage of DCP from their filming adventures with Absinthe in 2009. If this can’t get you motivated to go shredding check your pulse.

“DCP shredding AK, Europe, BC and beyond. We shot this in 2009 and this is the bonus footage from our film “Neverland”.”