FULL PART – Charles Beckinsale & Mikey Williams

February 1st, 2010

From This years movie Made You Look – the full parts of DC riders Charles Beckinsale and Mikey Williams.

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Watch Jye’s full part from Made You Look. This season Jye, 17 from Jindabyne scored the opening part to Australia and New Zealand’s latest homegrown film – Made You Look. Full of energy and style there’s been a bit of buzz about his part since it came out free with issue 4 of Transfer back in July 2010.
Take a gander and see for yourself.

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We just handed the master copy of Made You Look over to DHL on it’s way hastily to Sydney ready for production on Monday! Up to all hours last night but happy it’s done and it’s on to the next thing without much of a break really. Premieres are happening all over the show and more about them soon…
– Ben


Made You Look burning off to DVD – bit nerdy..



So that’s it in then, just like that it’s April the 18th and my flight is outta here back to NZ.. I got home a couple of days ago and there’s alot of work ahead – crazy season it’s been for sure, looking back it must be the radest season yet for me – so much happened, so quickly. I was taking the time to reflect on the way home and came up with two broken truck transmissions oh make that three including Charles, a broken sled trailer that was fixed with a bit of handy welding, 2 x popped trailer tyres, 1x flat Truck tyre and a burnt up sled.

Our last two weeks have been epic though, Tahoe treated us with a few cheeky April storms and we persevered hiring a U-Haul moving truck and piling 3 poor sods in the back with a sled soaking up petrol fumes, we towed a trailer with two sleds as well and had three full as in the front, 1 person sitting on a deck chair that conveniently slotted in the middle of the two front seats.  Summed up our season well. we made it through relatively unscathed and all and all a successful few months

– Ben Ryan

Pre rock-off for 2 hour drive in the back of the U-Haul.. Nervous smiles all round..

And they’re in there..

This ad we did last minute whilst in Sonora.. It was hectic last few weeks in Tahoe so this slipped my mind, luckily we got it through just in time for issue 1 of Transfer.


Finally made it down to Wanaka the other day to get busy with Lindsay on finishing the edit.. We’ve got a pretty epic setup here and ticking away each day – Been offline for a few days though so thought I better do an update.  I’ve been sifting  my way through alot of footage lately so figure I should post some random clips online,  Stumbled accross this shot in India of the crew rocking off for first hit – bit pointless really innit.. I’ll try and post a shot every few days to keep you entertained..
– Ben Ryan.


Finally here is the official teaser for our Australian and NZ 2-year movie project.

To get the movie early you can subscribe to Transfer Snowboard Magazine right now and you’ll also get a FREE DC Snowboards / Transfer collaboration T-Shirt valued at $49.95 (Limited Offer)along with the movie when it is released with issue #4 of Transfer this June, 2010. Go get some!


We went back to Sonora Pass California for three days and scored it pretty good. We got a little top up snowfall mid trip of about a foot and more in wind blown places so there were plenty of options.  This time we stayed down the road at Topaz casino rather than making the two hour drive from Tahoe every morning – it’s in the middle of nowhere and probably has the worst chefs in the world, don’t bother with the steak here it’s more like a meat pattie.

We ran into Tiene who was out shooting with the Standard Film Crew so it was pretty rad to see the big dawgs shredding and shooting. Starting to get the hang of sledding a bit more and getting more than one thing done a day which is good. There’s snowfall on the way tonight and tomorrow and then clear again so perfect for a bit of rest then back into it Sunday.
:: Ben Ryan ::

Look closely you might recognise that jump through the trees from a few movies!… Standard spend a day building it and if you look even closer you can see first hit right between the trees.

Discussing options.. There’s literally jumps everywhere at this place..


So two weeks have passed since I left Reno bound for India – I wrote a post as soon as we arrived on the crazy couple of days we had traveling to Gulmarg but there wasn’t a chance of it being uploaded once we got there – The internet was reliant on one computer at the hotel which was reliant on the incredibly short supply of electricity so it didn’t take long for me to bail the idea of blogging all together. Hard to describe the last two weeks really so instead there’s a bunch of photos below. I will make a couple of web videos as well once I decipher all this footage and log it all. All in all an epic trip, crazy experience and lots of riding – definitely recommend going there!!


(ed note: You can check out the full story on this India trip in Issue 3 of Transfer Snowboard Magazine – on stands May 2010.)

Packed in the taxi – Shrinagar to Gulmarg. Rob Mitchel Quentin Robbins and Heath Patterson

The local bar at the hotel opens 6pm daily!

This was the busiest corner in Gulmarg – Careful not to get hustled here! Rob Mitchel.

Phase 2 of the Gondola finally opens in the final hours of the trip! A run without camera bags was the best decision yet.

First impressions – Delhi. Quentin Robbins and Rob Mitchel

View from our house boat apltly named ‘Fiji’

House boat – Dal Lake. Heath Patterson and Rob Mitchel.

We played cricket in Shrinagar – India vs NZ drew quite the crowd from the streets! Rob Mitchel.

Suns out!

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Feb 3, 2010
A couple nights ago things got out of hand… We built a few features in the backyard including a jump barrel bonk thing amongst a couple of other creations – we got pretty boozey and sessioned it into the morning. All feeling pretty drained the next day somehow we dragged ourselves out to a rail and got another shot for the movie. Things are a little slow at the moment filming wise as there are a few minor injuries on the go. Should pick up soon though.

The bin bonk set-up


The couch to relax – with beer coolers and all


January 31, 2010
We went up Donner pass today, this place is epic so much stuff to do here and it’s all just off the side of the road – cliffs, cornices, jump spots whatever your into its here. The snow was pretty good so we setup this cliff that Charles has hit before.. It was all good to go by about 2pm but first hit Charles chucked a 5, over-rotated and bounced about 10 foot taking the entire landing with him along with his beanie and goggles which are somewhere buried in there – yip it slid.. So that was that! Was stoked to get up there though on such a nice day.. check out the before and after shots above.

The first episode of the season, take a look behind the scenes in a week in a funny old place called minnesota; minneapolis to be precise. This ole city isn’t much to look at but for a crew shooting a snowboard movie it’s better than Vegas – Handrails a plenty and theres lots of snow. We struggled here and there for spots but phone calls we’re made and on the whole looking back the trip was successful. Obviously just the B shots here and lifestyle, saving the goods for the movie..

Watch and enjoy if you want..


What is MYL?

“Made You Look” is an Australian and NZ Snowboard film due for release in July 2010. Filmed over 2 years, the film features the top snowboarding talent from both OZ and NZ, filmed at home on our local mountains and in the Northern Hemisphere.
Made You Look will be the first homegrown feature snowboard film to be created in a couple of years and will be released with Transfer Snowboard Magazine in 2010.
Stay tuned for your weekly Made You Look blogs and webisodes exclusively here on Mountainwatch.com and Transfer Snowboard Magazine.

Riders list for the movie includes:
Nick Hyne
Nick Brown
Roland Morley Brown
Nathan Johnstone
Jye Kearney
Tom Pelley
Rob Mitchell
Jake Koia
Ryan Tiene
Nick Gregory
Charles Beckinsale
Mikey Williams
+ many more.