Fyve Snowboard Melbourne Launch

November 27th, 2009

Mark Catsburg logs in for the launch of a core Aussie snowboard brand.


On Saturday the 21st November, Fyve Snowboards and Obvious Apparel held their official 2010 product launch in Melbourne at Logum on Brunswick st.

By the look of the flyer it promised to be a huge night, so of course Transfer was there.

It’s not often that “worlds worst” turns out to be really good, but in this case, that was the case. Picture the worlds worst weather, relentless rain for hours, flooding gutters sand soaking wet people everywhere, not exactly going out weather, but there were hundreds of people out anyway, so that was pretty good. Then picture the worlds worst skate setup, inside a small room in a bar 3 levels up, a quarter to quarter wallride with gaps between the ramps and the wall make it it even sketchier. This didn’t stop people all fuelled up on Monster & Vodkas shredding it. Pretty good.
When the skating was done let your mind wander into the VIP section, where the Vodka O was flowing, mainly into the mouth of the “worlds worst bartender” who seemed like he had been at it for quite some time, and spilled more liquid on the floor than in most peoples drinks, Really good!
And finally in the middle of a rainy summer night, imagine the worlds worst snowboard set up, made from 16 bags of party ice a flat rail and a dozen excited snowboarders in snowboots in the middle of the city.  Slingshots from 2 feet away have never looked so fun.
So I’m sure you can imagine, that while this party boasted some of the worlds worst things, it was in fact, really, really good.

Check the photos and I’m sure you will agree.

Thanks to Fyve, Obvious, Vodka O, Monster and Logom for an awesome time.