Gallery – Red Bull Performance Camp

August 9th, 2010

This 3-day progression camp was aimed at helping Red Bull’s top pro riders take their riding to the next level. With a number of great coaches and an airbag to land in for two days – the riders got their heads around a number of new tricks before taking it to the step-up jump on the final day.

Local riders Scotty James and Jake Koia were also in attendance for the progression session and although Koia had a nasty fall after going too big on the air bag and sliding off the back and chipping a tooth and injuring his shoulder, both riders finished the session stoked on the week.

Mark Swoboda front board pretzel

Air bag in run (Left) / Sabastien Toutant (Right)

Jake Koia

Jamie Nicholls

Scotty James

Scotty James