Interview With Shaun NEFF

September 16th, 2009

Getting to Know Shaun Ne? – What brews in the mind of Ne? himself?

When and Where was the Brand Started?

2002 Thousand Oaks California

What makes Neff different from other brands?

Our unique fun style. At Neff all the product we design our intent is to make it fresh and unique to the norm.

You should rock Neff because?

We put out a unique high quality product that will set you apart from the rest of the pack

I love my job because?

All I do is create and I love forecasting and watching an idea turn into a tangible product that I see a kid rocking in the streets its the sweetest.

Within the last two years many brands that had great potential have shut down, how has Neff been able to stay away from that?

In this downturn its our time to shine we are marketing more than ever and making the strongest brand awareness push we can through several media sources. We are really focusing on taking our brand to the next level. We feel its our time to shine.

In your experience when can a brand say they have made it?

WOW, its all progression I think on certain levels I have said we have made it over hundred times.  Every new step is a journey like when we opened our ?rst account or Japan 5 years ago or hit goals you are accomplishing and feel like you have arrived but a second later you look at the monster hill ahead and keep on trucking.

For an inspiring designer, what would your advice be on marketing?

It’s all about your portfolio and what you have already done.  Alot of designers have said I can do this and I’m great at his but what i want to see is experience and when a portfolio hits my inbox I am impressed with work that already has been done and looks dope.

The interview was taken from the Neff newsletter, which you can view in full here

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